Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Make and Use a Stencil Using Cricut Expression

My family and many of my friends know how much I adore French inspired creations and design. The flourish of the curly-cues and curves are so appealing. An image of the Eiffel Tower in any form sets my imagination into high gear. It will come as no surprise to people who know me well that when I feel the desire to get creative, it is often with a French flair. So, when pondering what to make for Joanne, a dear friend of mine, I designed the stenciled pillow covers shown in this post. 

I constructed the pillow cover/shams myself from a twin sized white cotton sheet and embellished the opening edges with black grosgrain ribbon before sewing the side seam together. If you prefer not to sew your own, you can purchase a pair and begin from there. This image could be reduced a little in size and applied to hand towels, etc.

My Cricut Expression was used to make the stencil for the design and the cartridge used was Storybook. The design used was a flower design which is associated with the letter "W" on the key pad. I set the size dial to 8(eight)inches. You see, this is a big design!


Since I couldn't seem to locate any of the stencil design blank sheets I usually keep for this purpose, I resorted to using this large sheet of scrapbook paper that was on hand. As you can see, it covers the whole mat, which is what it needed to do because, as I said, this is quite a large design. This is definitely not my first choice of material to use for stenciling and I recommend using stencil making sheets, or at least a heavier paper. As stated earlier, this was the first thing I found with the size I needed at my moment of inspiration. You fellow crafters know what I am saying. I was on a mission!

After cutting out the image with the Cricut and carefully removing the image from the sheet of paper, what remained of the paper(less the image)was used as my stencil. When using this type paper, it is important to remove the sheet of paper very slowly and carefully, as it is thin and will tear if you tug at it. Also, since this paper is porous, it had to be sealed, so that when paint was applied, it would not bleed through onto the fabric. So, I took it outside onto the deck(which is in need of painting)and sprayed it with several light coats of Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer. The spray was applied 3 times on one side, allowing it to dry in between coats. The sheet was then flipped over and the sealer was applied 3 times to the reverse side, allowing to dry in between coats.

I allowed the sealed stencil to dry completely and then used the Elmer's spray adhesive seen in this picture beside the can of Mod Podge and let it dry to the "tacky" stage. It was placed, tacky side down, where I wanted my painted image to be situated.[Hint: I had folded the pillow cover and put a light crease at each center point, both lengthwise and crosswise. I also put a tiny light crease at the approximate center of the stencil itself, both directions, I then matched up the little crease marks on both the pillow cover and the stencil, to establish the center placement of my image.] I then applied the paint, using several light coats. It is important not to overload the paint or you might end up with a blobby mess or paint where you don't want it.

For painting on fabric and using stencils or when block or screen printing, I use Speedball paints. I have found them dependable, durable and of good quality. This stuff can be washed many times without it fading. For this pillow sham/cover project, Speedball's Black Opaque Fabric Paint was used. Also used was a sponge stencil paint applicator but I can't seem to locate the picture that I took where I was using this to paint the pillow cover/sham. FYI, this is the kind with a flat sponge on either end of the little handle, with one fairly large sponge attached to one end and you flip to the other end to use a smaller attached sponge. These are good for that "pouncing" action used when stenciling. The 2 sided applicator is good for using when the spaces in your stencil vary. They can sometimes be purchased in a packet of stencil sponges and I believe mine came from Hobby Lobby. I had a photo of the painting process, but I can't find it, but if you have done any stenciling, you know the process.

This is a close-up picture of the finished graphic right after I peeled off the stencil.

Another shot of the finished product.

May you experience many beautiful and creative days ahead, my fellow bloggers!




Jessica @ A Humble Creation said...

Great job Lynn! Thanks for the tutorial too. Someday, if I ever get a Cricut or similar product. I know your friend loved them!

lynn cockrell said...

Thanks, Jessica!I'm glad you stopped by. My friend Harriette had her machine for a couple of years and I watched her use hers. She offered to let me use hers and I tried it out at her house. When I realized that I could do a lot more than small design projects, I decided to splurge on one for myself. I watched for a really good sale and snatched one up. I've had it for a couple of years now. It has been useful in personalizing gifts, too,like plain plastic cake boxes, etc. I would really like to get one of those machines that enables you to bring in other designs or to make your own. I think there is something that is compatible with the Cricut and may even be made by them, but I can't remember what it is called. I can dream about that for awhile. Have a blessed day!


Suzy Handgraaf said...

This is a great idea, Lynn! My daughter has a Silhouette, but I'm betting you could use the same basic process on that. I'll forward this to her. Thank you for sharing and I love how the pillow shams turned out.

lynn cockrell said...

Suzy, thanks visiting my little blog! It is great to hear from you. I started to reply to your comment earlier but hit the wrong key and sent that comment before I finished. Please forgive if you get 2 replies. I don't know about the Silhouette, but if it has the capability to pull content in from other sites, then it will probably work even better. As long as your daughter's machine will allow her make the larger sized graphics, it should work just fine. I meant to mention that I also often use freezer paper when I stencil on fabric and it works just great with the machine and can just be ironed directly onto the fabric and then peels right off. I didn't have any at the time I did this project. God bless and have a beautiful evening.

Jenn "Rook No. 17" said...

Lynn, your pillow shams turned out so beautifully! Great tutorial too! I love the way that you used the screen printing paint and your Cricut. I always forget how incredibly versatile a Cricut can be and how great they are for making stencils.


Holly Lefevre said...

Gorgeous! I need this tutorial. I have a Cricut Imagine and have only used it 2x! I need to get on it so I can make beautiful things like this!

lynn cockrell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lynn cockrell said...

Holly, I am not sure if I published the reply I sent to you earlier, so I hope I'm not duplicating. Thank you for stopping by. I have really used my Cricut a lot(especially for making stencils). I told another reader that it is much better to use freezer paper when you are making a stencil for painting on fabric, but I didn't have any when I started the project. If you use the freezer paper, you can just iron it right onto the fabric and it stays in place until you have finished painting. You don't have to use the spray adhesive. I also use Contac paper when I want to make a stencil for etching on glass or painting on a non-porous item. The Cricut really is a useful tool to have. I can't wait to see what you will create and I just know it will be beautiful!

Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

Wow, this looks great, and makes me ACHE for my own cutting machine that much more!

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

Wow, that came out really good!! I would love to have one of those cutting machines ... so many possibilities, so little time. :)

lynn cockrell said...

Thanks for visiting and for your nice comments! I really have enjoyed the Cricut and I find that it encourages me to think a little more"outside the box." You can pick up glass items or plates at thrift stores, etc. and dress them up. I watched for sales and when Hobby Lobby had a decent sale on them a couple of years ago, I grabbed one. They don't allow you to use the 40% off coupon on Cricut items. I wish they did.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Lynn, The pillow shams are beautiful! I have a Silhouette but have never made stencils with it. Thanks for sharing this.
xx, Sherry

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Gorgeous. Great tutorial. Hugs, Marty

Always Nesting said...

Those shams turned out beautiful! You make it look so easy.

I'm still trying to figure out the noreply blogger that comes in and out of my emails. I didn't know if you knew you come up as a noreply in your comments that come to my email. :( I don't know if anyone else is having that same issue with your email.

I had to go into google +, then your blog to message you but it turned out fine because I was able to add you to my blog reader :)

Bogomilla Hopp said...

Hi Lynn, Thank you for comment. It was hard to find your blog name and coming here but here I am!! From your image I can't be redirected to you. I'll come to read all your instructions ;-)) Have a nice day.
xoxo Bogomilla

lynn cockrell said...

Thank you for coming to my blog and I am so glad you took the time and trouble to find me. I am sorry it was so difficult for you, but I hope it will be easier in the future. I joined Facebook last week and have sent some of my posts over there. I just this afternoon was able to get the icon for Facebook on my blog. I hope this will make it easier to follow me on Facebook, also. I am with Pinterest,too, and am working to put the Pinterest icon on my blog as well. Thanks again!!!

Melanie said...

Hi Lynn, it is so nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment. I love your shams and the beautiful design. Great job!

Full Circle Creations said...

I loved how this turned out. Great job!

And thanks for your sweet comment on my wedding dress painting.


lynn cockrell said...

Melanie, it's great to meet you, too! Thanks so much for dropping by and for your gracious comment about the shams. I am a new blogger, so I have much to learn. Still trying to work out kinks and adding new ways to follow, like Facebook. Thanks again for stopping by!

lynn cockrell said...

Holley, thanks so much for visiting Mimi Mine! Thanks, also, for your kind comment about the shams. My friend, Joanne, seemed to be very happy to receive them. She is thinking of painting and doing a little redecorating of her bedroom and I thought these might give her a little inspiration. She is a wonderful person and does so much for others. I enjoy trying to give back a little to her.

Treatntrick Treat and Trick said...

It's beautiful! Thanks for the visit and leaving your lovely comment on my blog!

lynn cockrell said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. By the way, those Egg-less Custard Buns on your site look great also. So many tasty looking recipes on your blog!

Wendy said...

beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial Lynn! Hugs, Wendy

Mary Beth said...

I love your stencil and how your pillows turned out ~ simply lovely.

I'm starting a new linky party on Monday (the 11th) at 8:00 p.m. I would love for you to share it there.

~hugs, Mary Beth~

Bogomilla Hopp said...

Hi Lynn! Beautiful work!
Yes, I believe we'll be all together in Heaven with our furry friends.
A big hug,

lynn cockrell said...

Wendy, thank you for dropping by my Mimi Mine and for your kind comments.


Shannon @ A Cozy Place Called Home said...

Those are really pretty Lynn. I don't have a Cricut, but have wondered about getting one someday so I like seeing projects like this. Like you, I enjoy French designs, so you picked beautiful motifs. Thanks for sharing the paint you used. I normally just use fabric medium with craft paint, but I don't usually wash things with that. Glad to know of something that will hold up in washing. Hope you have a great day!

lynn cockrell said...

Shannon, thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your nice comments! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day. My dear friend, Harriette, had her Cricut for a year or two before I got mine. After watching her use hers and experimenting around with it myself, I decided it would be worth the investment. I am obsessed with painting and transferring onto many different things and it occurred to me that I could make good use of a machine of my own, I decided it was worth it. I've used it to dress up otherwise plain things, like plastic cake boxes and tumblers with vinyl monograms. I've also made stencils with Contac paper and etched on wine glasses, bottles, etc., so I've made good use of it. I do use the screen print paint on a lot of different things and it does stand up very well. I get mine at Hobby Lobby most of the time with 40% off coupon, and it is usually over with the screen print materials, not with the craft paints. Have a blessed evening! Lynn

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

LYNN!!!!! I finally found you!!
Now you must think I am the most ignorant person for not responding to your many comments but I could not find your blog or how to get in touch with you until now. I have trouble with the google + and if there is not a recent post, I cannot find a way to contact people. And you did not have an email address when you commented. Any way, I am now following you and have you on my Blog Roll!!!
I so apologize for not being able to get in touch with you sooner than this!
THANK YOU. THANK YOU , THANK YOU for all of your ever so kind comments!!! When I see your name, it brings a smile to this tired face!! LOL!!
I have you entered in the Giveaway!! I wish I could give a gift card to all of my blogging buddies but unfortunately, I am not independently wealthy!! LOL!!
I hope you will forgive me for not getting in touch with you sooner????
Have a great day!!!

Many Hugs,

lynn cockrell said...

Debbie, I sent a reply over on my gmail account. I am so glad you found my little blog and thank you so much for coming by to pay me a visit. I love hearing from you!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!! I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to get back to you!! Please email me and let me know what is going on with you. I hope you are feeling better but i fear not from your comment. No , I did not make the faux desserts. I bought them on Ebay several years ago....


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