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Spellbound by a Southern Charmer

A Hidden Courtyard in Savannah, Georgia My husband and I traveled down to south Georgia last week to spend a few days with our sister-in-law, Janette. The three of us were looking forward to spending a day together in historic Savannah. This wonderful town is situated not far from where I grew up. My sister-in-law still resides less than an hour's drive of Historic Savannah. After arriving in Savannah on the morning of our visit, we went to the the Savannah Visitors Center located on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd and purchased tickets for a trolley tour with Oglethorpe Tours( ). We were able to get a great deal on our tickets at $15.00 each, probably because we were visiting on a week day, rather than a busy weekend. This was a fully narrated and uninterrupted ninety minute tour. After the initial ninety minutes, we enjoyed unlimited on/off touring until 5:30 P.M. This was a good way to begin the tour, because as we traveled along the route, we were ab