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Drawing With Fire and More Creative Wood Burning Projects

Personalized Wood Burned Kitchen Utensils Set with Holder I told you all in a previous post that I recently warmed up my old wood burning pen and started making some projects and I was very glad that I did so. It's even more fun and rewarding than this gal had remembered it being years ago.  I checked out the website here  for Walnut Hollow, the company who produced the tool (pen and points) set I purchased years ago to see what else was available. When I saw  this set of letters , my mind started to spin with ideas for things to do with it. When possible, I try to support the businesses in our area when possible so I checked at our local Hobby Lobby and was tickled to find they carried the set, though it cost a bit more than the online price. It has already been put to good use,as can be seen from the below picture. HotStamps for Use with Walnut Hollow Hot Tools I purchased some well-made and sturdy wooden (bamboo) kitchen utensil sets for some family and friends who all enj