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Da's Birthday Card

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. The card he received from our younger daughter, her husband and their children was just too funny not to share, so I took a couple of pictures of it. We all agree that the card looks very much like the older of our two grandsons, though I can honestly say that I do not remember him(not so for some of the others) having this habit. It just isn't a perfect world! Sorry, the photos do not give the card due justice, but, just for fun, here we go: Wishing you all a really happy day, even if it isn't your birthday!

An Ice Storm and Then the Earth Began to Shake

The snow down here a couple of weeks ago was both beautiful and fun. The ice storm we had this week was something else, indeed! We were grateful that we did not have any pine trees in our yard any longer, as there used to be some that were quite close to our house and would most certainly have had some frozen limbs or trees to fall on our house.Fortunately, we had all of those removed quite a few years ago! I am posting a few pictures of the damage that the freezing rain did around our neck of the woods. Our beloved eucalyptus tree sustained a lot of damage and I hope we will be able to salvage it. Damage to Our Eucalyptus Tree The crape myrtle trees looked somewhat like crape murder had been committed on them: When things thawed out, they looked a lot better, even though they are now short of a few large limbs which split off of them Our power was out. We had been listening to our weather band (crank style) radio and knew now that power was not likely to be r