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Grow Your Blog

Have you heard about the "Grow Your Blog"party?  I will tell you all about it in this post but if you are new to my blog, then allow me introduce myself. My name is Lynn Cockrell and, among other things, I am a wife, mother and grandmother. The things I love most are God, my family and my friends and I enjoy spending time with all of them. In addition, I enjoy crafting, sewing, reading and DIY. Visiting thrift stores is a favorite past-time of mine. It brings me satisfaction to take old or used items and give them new purpose and a chance to "live" again in the form of home design projects and/or gifts for family and friends. I also love to travel though, as I have stated before, I am certainly not a world traveler. There are many places which I aspire to visit in the future and I have dreams of such wonderful and exciting destinations. My Pinterest boards are somewhat of a testament to those aspirations. There are some places that I have visited many times ov