Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hunting Island-Family Day at the Beach

When our youngest daughter and her family invited us to ride down toward Beaufort, South Carolina for a day trip to beautiful Hunting Island State Park, we didn't have to think before saying yes. My husband and I have been thinking for months how much we would enjoy a trip to the beach for some relaxation and fun in the sun and so this trip would be perfect. One of the things in life we love most is spending time with our family. We have been very busy lately, so this day trip would be just the thing.

By the time all was said and done, our other daughter and her family were in on the plans, as well. That made the trip sound even better. One of our grandsons invited a friend along, as well. Eleven of us, in all, made the trip to Hunting Island.

We all left for our trip early that morning and it could not have been more beautiful when we arrived at the park. The skies were a gorgeous blue and the weather was absolutely perfect for beach combing and playing in the sun and ocean! It had been years since I visited Hunting Island last and it was even more beautiful than I had remembered.

We have some gorgeous beaches all along the coastline here in South Carolina. Many of them are within just a few hours of our home.

The following are a few photos I took at the beach on the beautiful day we spent at Hunting Island State Park.

The Beach at Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina
My favorite things to do at the beach are walking for miles and hunting for sharks' teeth and shells. The tide was perfect for these things the entire time we were there.

The grandchildren had a terrific time playing around in the water and on the sand.
The Beach at Hunting Island State Park,, South Carolina

The Beach at Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina
 Our flame haired bathing beauty,  Rachel!
At the Beach, South Carolina's Hunting Island State Park

The Beach at Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina
If you happen to be old enough, you might remember the movie "Ten" from 1979. Well, I am old enough to remember that and a whole lot more. The movie starred actress Bo Derek, who was the 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Though our little Jewelynn didn't sport dreadlocks in the following picture, she was running on the beach sporting salt water beach locks.  "Ten" came to my mind when I started looking at these pictures of Jewel. She is a ten in my book, for sure!
The Beach at Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina

There is a lot to do at Hunting Island State Park, including camping. There is also a beautiful lighthouse there. It is the only lighthouse in South Carolina that still allows patrons to enter (for a very small fee) and climb all the way to the top. There are some great places to eat in nearby Beaufort, S.C. and the awesomely beautiful ruins of a very old church and gravesites. These will be posts for another day!

Thank you, Jason and Stephanie, for taking us to the beach.We totally enjoyed our day trip to Hunting Island. Now, I am wanting to go back for a longer stay. If you would like to check out Hunting Island State Park you can go here.

Hope you enjoyed my short little post about Hunting Island Beach in South Carolina.I am wishing you a glorious summer filled with tons of fun with your family and friends. 

Thanks so very much for the time you spent reading my little blog! I really appreciate the time you spend here with me.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Our Girl Sophie

This is a very short post. I wanted mention a couple of things that have happened in her life in the month of May.

Sophie works hard in school. She started middle school this year and is doing very well. She was awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award at Aiken Middle School. Go Sophie Girl!!
Sophie Received an Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement
In my book, our Sophie is outstanding in every good way and, as her grandparents, we could not be more proud of her!

Another very big event happened this month. Sophie celebrated her twelfth birthday! She is growing up much too fast. We celebrated at one of her favorite restaurants in town, Mi Rancho. Sophie is an avid reader and The Hunger Games series of books are some of her best loved, so far. She adores The Hunger Games: Mocking jay, both one and two.

She chose the theme of The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay for her birthday cake this year. Our neighbor and dear friend, Julie makes some of the most tasty and beautifully decorated cakes.
Sophie's Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Birthday Cake
Isn't the cake pretty with the "flames" of butter cream icing around the base? 
Our Beautiful Sophie and her Hunger Games Birthday Cake
Our grandgirls love birthday celebrations and they love having fun!
Our Sweet Grand-girls, Sophie and Rachel with Jewelynn in Background Behind the Sombrero

The birthday girl wanted her candles placed so as to make a "ring of fire" in the circle around Mocking Jay. I think these candles with colored flames that my daughter found are beautiful.
Hunger Games Birthday Cake for Sophie
Just look at all those colorful flames encircling Mocking Jay in a ring of fire!

It was time to blow out those candles.
Sophie's Birthday 
The party was great fun and casual. You might say it was a "Black Tie Affair!" Oh my, I couldn't resist, Larry! Can we still be friends after I post this picture?
The Hazards of Eating Black Cake Frosting
The things we treasure most in life are the fun times we share together with family and friends. Thanks to all who joined us to celebrate twelve years of our dear Sophie's life!

I hope you enjoyed my little blog post. Thanks for the time you have spent here with me sharing bits of our lives and other things! Please drop by again very soon.