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What To Do With Fresh Seasonal Strawberries? Strawberry Cupcakes!

It seems that my strawberry loving man cannot pass by a roadside market without stopping to buy some of the strawberries which are in season here. I have been having to find ways to use them. So, here we go! This go round, I thought it would be a good idea to make a cake (sort of). Actually, I began with  this  recipe and modified it to use for cupcakes. I was searching for a recipe that would allow the mouth-watering flavor of the beautiful berries to shine like a brilliant star! If you have been searching for recipes calling for fresh strawberries you have probably noticed there are many for desserts with strawberry flavor, but not nearly as many using real fruit. Some do use real fruit but, in addition, call for using gelatin with artificial flavoring and color, as well. I certainly do use these things sometimes, but, as I have said before, when there is an abundance of fresh ingredients, why not use that? The recipe I used was again found on All Recipes at  this site  and, t