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Crazy Good Strawberry Pie

It has been mentioned before, a time or two, in this blog that my sweetheart has an enormous sweet tooth. It has also been mentioned that if he comes across fresh strawberries, just about anywhere, he is drawn to them like a magnet.  It is still not strawberry season here in Aiken, South Carolina. Still, my man makes it his business to be on the lookout for strawberries. Recently, we were shopping at our local Sam's Club and, somehow, a large container of strawberries wound up in our shopping cart, thanks to him!  Hey, I'm not complaining. I love strawberries too! It happens he's crazy for a good fresh strawberry pie, such as the one I made  here , which was delicious. In that particular pie, I used fresh locally grown strawberries. Since he never tires of eating pie, I thought that I would use all of the strawberries to prepare a couple of beautiful and scrumptious strawberry pies. Our girls and their families enjoy pies too and  we will share