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A Love Affair And A Cottage Garden Story

Like a great many other people, I have longed for that special place where I can go and be completely absorbed, at least for a time, forgetting any troubles or worries that might be bothering me. A garden is just such a place. There is something wonderful about planting and tending one's own garden, while getting hands dirty in the process. Speaking of dirt, I am going to share something with you! I have been involved in a deep and exciting love affair for a long time. I confess that, in fact, the affair is still going on today. You know how it is, some things are just too wonderful to stop. Looking back, it probably happened because it was just so doggone easy to get involved. The object of my affection has never asked much of me and has required very little pampering or attention. That's why I love Herbs so much! Okay, so the only dirt involved in this story is the kind that winds up under my fingernails. The part about the love affair is true, however, becaus