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Chocolate Cream Meringue Pie Like Mama Used to Make

I am updating this post today 3/25/2013 about the pie my mother-in-law used to make  to link up to   Jessica at  for her "A New Creation" Link Party. My husband, Glenn, celebrated a birthday last week. He received a very special surprise from his sweet sister, Sharon, who brought by an absolutely gorgeous and delicious Chocolate Meringue Pie.  The story behind this pie goes back some forty or fifty years to the days when their mother was still living and Glenn was a young teenager. She passed away when only in her early fifties. She was a special lady and a wonderful cook, as was my husband's father. I was truly blessed to have known both of them to have shared many good times in their lovely home. Meals with them were always such warm and wonderful gatherings, where good food was abundant. Great meals with them were not limited to holidays and there was always some fabulous dessert at the end of a meal made by Mama. You see,

Celebrating the Irish Spirit

My Dear Fellow Blogger Family Thanks so much for all your well wishes. I have not posted for a while and  having been inspired by so many of you, I decided to share with you  how I am celebrating my little touch of Irish heritage.  From what I know of my family history, we descend from Irish, French and American Cherokee Indian ancestry. I hope you will enjoy! This pretty little musical doll's name is Kelly. She holds a shamrock in her hand for Saint Patrick's Day wishes. She is so excited and wants to share the festivities with you! Her hair is the same color as my sweet grand-daughter, Rachel.  Debbie over at  DebbieDabbles  reminded me, while enjoying what she has done to celebrate, that Kelly had been put away much too long. I saw her gorgeous doll and musical teddy bear in her recent post and a little bell went off in my head. Her decorations are always awe-inspiring.  Dear Kelly is accompanied by a few of her friends. On her far right, is Pawl