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Liebster Award-I've Been Nominated

Earlier this month, I was surprised, happy and honored to be nominated by two fellow bloggers for something known as a Liebster Award. From what research I have done on this blog award I find that the first stipulation is that the blog nominee must have fewer than 200 followers(like me). It is mainly a method, passed on from one blogger to another, for the intent of helping to create  interaction with other bloggers. At least, this is how I interpret it. However, this interpretation might be a little loose and not necessarily accurate. Being a blogger has allowed me to meet some wonderful, interesting and talented people from around the world. I so love meeting new people! It serves to remind me that though we are each wonderfully different, we can all find common ground when we share some of the things that make us who we are. The first person to nominate me was the wonderfully talented Maria Nazareth of Maria's Creations at . This sweet lady

Tutorial-How To Make A Chalkboard Tray

Dear Fellow Bloggers, Pictured below is a big silver-plated tray my friend Harriette bought for $2.99 on our last thrifting expedition. You may recall this tray from a previous post  Treasures-Some Lost, Some Found .  It came home with me. It had a loose handle, which I reattached with a little screw in the back where the old screw had fallen out.  Today was the first day for a while when it wasn't rainy or windy or both here. I took advantage of the better weather this morning to convert this tray into a chalkboard for "Smokin Stacks." Harriette, her son and her husband participate in barbecue competition in several states and Smokin Stacks is the name of their team. The idea is to use the chalkboard to write down their menus during competitions. You probably know this, but I will say it anyway. I didn't invent the idea for making chalkboard trays. You may have seen any number of them in different shops and on blogs. That being said, the following is a li