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Biltmore Antler Hill Village and the Village Hotel

My husband and I took a road trip for a couple of relaxing nights in Asheville, North Carolina. Since we had planned another visit to Biltmore House and Gardens and the Biltmore Winery and shops at Biltmore Antler Hill Village, we decided to book a room at the Village Hotel at Biltmore's Antler Hill Village . Staying on Biltmore's grounds is something we had wanted to do for the past couple of years. The thing that stood out as we approached the hotel was the field of gigantic sunflowers which were standing, row upon row, alongside the road in front of the resort entrance. Absolutely beautiful! Sunflowers at Biltmore Village Hotel Sunflower Fields at Biltmore's Village Hotel Sunflower Fields at Biltmore's Village Hotel We found our room at the hotel was very comfy and lovely with a quite neutral combination of colors, including black, dark gray, light gray, white and off-white, with a splash of red thrown into the mix. The style was somewhat modern