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A Greater Power

Folks, I have a confession to make. I can honestly say that what I am going to tell you only happens once in a blue moon. I am ashamed to admit it but, when my guard is down, a nasty little demon named "Temper" pays a visit. He arrives, uninvited, presses my "buttons" and tries to see how long he can hang around and how much damage he can do before he is given a swift kick and sent packing. He knows just what sets me off and what can cause me to exhibit some truly bad behavior. He is a really nasty fellow, that one! Temper had not been around for quite awhile. This past weekend, however, he caught me during a weak moment and seized the opportunity to try and cause some trouble. He almost succeeded and probably would have, had there not been some intervention. I have put a lot of thought into what occurred and I now realize that, had it not been for someone who loves me very much, the situation might not have ended as well as it did. Here is what happened. Last S