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A Gift for a Sweet Girl

My three sweet grandchildren have now returned to their own home. This is a good thing because it means their daddy was well enough to be released from the hospital. Their lives have been turned upside down for the past several years by the cruel reality of a world in which their father fights a moment to moment battle with cancer. Stage IV kidney cancer, to be more precise, with all its horrors and coupled with massive radiation and chemo treatments, the side effects of which can be as devastating as the disease itself. This lovable, lively,  cottage cheese mooching fellow, Champ, who also stays with us during these periods, went back home with the children. You might have guessed, he is begging for a morsel!  We love them all dearly, but hope they will not have to come back for quite some time for any extended stays. We hope their dear, sweet daddy will be enjoying some really good days at home! That is our prayer. It is no secret that I am a (cheap)frugal lady. It bri

A Train Trip Through A Miniature Bavarian Countryside at EPCOT's World Showcase

This is a post which I have intended to write for months. My time has been very limited as of late and so this was put on the back burner. Let me begin by saying that I love things created in miniature or on a scale much smaller than real life. You know, like tiny houses and buildings, landscape scenes that look as if you are viewing the real scene from a great distance. These often include people going about their daily routines, animals and even railways with functioning tracks. When I posted about Disney's Yacht Club at Christmas, I included pictures of the miniature railway and ski village on display in the lobby. If you missed that post, "Snow at the Yacht Club," or would like to revisit it you can go to this link: . This picture is from that post. Isn't it a fabulous display of miniatures? Miniature Railway at Disney's Yacht Club at Christmas Today's post is about another min