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A Snow Day

I had planned to post last week about the rare snow day we had down here. Because of unforeseen circumstances, that post did not happen. Since snow is a pretty rare event here compared to many other places in the U.S., I decided to post a few pictures, just the same. For those of you who might be tired of the white stuff and the aggravation and inconveniences that sometimes come along with it, please indulge me with this short post. These shots show how it looked in our front yard view on Wednesday morning of last week:  Here is what things looked like in the back: There was snow at the Bluebird's residence, as well: I caught our neighbors, Angela and Leonard, as they ventured out. We have such good neighbors and friends all around us and we love them! Angela Surely Looks Happy to Have Snow Leonard is Getting the Cars Ready to Go The snow seemed to be appreciated by this Cardinal, my favorite winter bird!  My sweet husband always makes sure all