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Magic Bands From Walt Disney World

If you are a fan of  Disney,  you are probably aware  that Disney's engineers are constantly developing and designing new and innovative tools to make the visit of every guest more convenient, exciting and enjoyable. There is always something being planned, built and/or created at their many parks and resorts. They constantly ride on the crest of the innovation wave. Disney "imagineers" are forward-looking and futuristic in their designing and planning.  One of the newest tools, which is currently being tested for use at Walt Disney World Resort, is something called MyMagic+. My husband and I are scheduled to visit Walt Disney World in the near future and, as upcoming Disney Resort hotel guests and Disney Vacation Club members , we were sent an invitation to test out something called the MagicBand. This band is worn by the Walt Disney World Resort guest and is programmed with all sorts of information typically required to ente