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A Romantic Evening and a Fountain of Fun

We are always on the lookout for fun places to spend some time and things to do when we are traveling. It is always fun to discover something new and or exciting. It is even more fun when it is an attraction that is free. In a previous post, I wrote about just such a place. To revisit that post, you can go  here . In that post I wrote about The Island at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and an evening my husband and I spent there last Fall. The Island is steadily evolving and changing with lots of new shops, eateries and entertainment.  Paula Deene is slated to open a fabulous restaurant there this year and a four star hotel and restaurant, Margaritaville Hotel and Restaurant, is nearing completion and scheduled to open this summer. The first floor of the resort will be home to many new shops and the second floor will have some 132 guest rooms. As we did in the Fall, we timed our visit to The Island so as to watch the progress of things as the sun went down and the lights came