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There is Magic in the Kingdom at Christmas

When posting about travel experiences, I strive to give you some idea of what these places are about and the things that can be seen and experienced there. Certainly, I cannot be called a world traveler and, in fact, many of you are probably much more experienced travelers than myself. Still, it is my sincere hope that when you visit here you will be able to step inside my little world and, perhaps, find something to enjoy in the places and things I feel so blessed to have experienced. Between now and Christmas, I will be continuing a series of posts from our recent trip to Walt Disney World. In the spirit of the season, these will be comprised mostly of photos of the different places(not the two of us)around Walt Disney World parks and resorts. My goal is to convey how beautifully things are decorated for the holidays. This post is about how things were and still are looking along Main Street and at Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.  I begin wit

An Unexpected Christmas- A Delightful Story and Video

I was visiting Holly Lefevre at her blog 504 Main this afternoon and she had posted about the book An Unexpected Christmas  and she linked to the above video which I believe is a beautiful and innocent version of the Christmas story as seen through the eyes of children. If you are not familiar with Holly's blog, please take a moment to visit her at . She is a mother, homemaker and fabulous blogger, as well. Her blog is one of my favorites!