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A Soft and Cozy Rag Quilt for Baby

Lately, it seems there are quite a few new babies being born around these parts. I recently attended a baby shower for one of the sweet expectant mothers. Sewing for babies is something I really enjoy doing. Therefore, I decided to sew something to take to this shower for a sweet baby boy.  Baby blankets and quilts are some of the things I enjoy sewing most and the softer and cozier, the better. As I was looking for some inspiration, I came across  this pretty rag quilt  made by a fellow blogger at Dogwood Lane Rambles. I have sewed baby rag quilts in the past, but they were mainly made with squares and had polyester batting in between the squares. I wanted to try this one because it used three layers of flannel, using one layer of flannel as the batting layer and no other batting or fiberfill. This is a picture of the finished baby rag quilt and matching burp cloths that I made. Baby Rag Quilt and Matching Burp Cloths Baby Rag Quilt I had some gray/