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A Fun Day at the Thrift Stores with My B.F.F.

Yesterday was a really good day! I have said this before, but one of the things I enjoy most is visiting thrift stores and hunting for hidden treasures. When my B.F.F., Harriette, can go with me, it is much more fun. Please allow me to share with you the great things I found. I found this pretty and very large (28 X 22 inches) framed print at the newest S.P.C.A. thrift store in town. Framed Print of  Children at Play from S.P.C.A. Thrift Store Everything in this store was fifty percent off yesterday, so this $15.00 picture cost just $7.50! I have not measured it yet, but it is very large. It is just a print and the frame has some dings, here and there, but I love the children in it.  I haven' t yet decided where I am going to hang it, but it will look very good in most any room. I snatched it up and am happy that I did because it instantly spoke to the heart of this grandmother of five! I also picked up this wonderful plate with a picture, in red, of a man toiling