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Magazine Obsessions

My mother enjoyed reading and read to me quite often. My father could not get enough of the printed word in newspapers, books and magazines. We might not have been wealthy, but by the time I (the last of the children) came along my father always made certain that we had a large collection of books and many magazines around our house. The two of us, my father and I, would sit together and peruse those beautiful, glossy, large pages of "Look" and "Life" magazines. Daddy would point out things to me and we would sometimes have  conversations about what was on the pages. Sundays, after church, were some of my favorite times because I would snuggle up next to my father on the couch as we read the Savannah Morning News. He would always read the comic strips to me (they were called "funny papers" back then)! There was always a big colorful section of funny papers. He and I would laugh together as he ran his fingers along  the words on each comic strip, re