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How To Use Hot Iron Transfers To Make A Red-work Embroidered Dish Towel

The talents exhibited by some of you expert hand-sewers and embroiderers amaze me. I have expressed, in the past, my envy for those of you who possess the ability to take thread and needle in hand and, with little effort, produce something artistic and beautiful. My hand sewing is somewhat less than perfect. I have made numerous small projects using counted cross-stitch. I have somewhat enjoyed the cross-stitch projects I worked on and might try it again. Here is the thing with cross-stitch. I am a pretty patient soul, but when it comes right down to it, I still find that the steady concentration involved with completing a project, even a small one, with counted cross stitch, tries my patience. I find it hard to relax when I am diligently counting somewhat tiny stitches and becoming distracted, finding myself getting off the diagram's pattern, resulting in having to pull out stitches--many stitches and many times! Embroidery I have done in the past involved diligently tracing

A Day at Dollywood and the National Southern Gospel & Harvest Celebration

One of the things I enjoy most about having a blog is sharing with my readers about some of the places we have come across in our travels. Some of the places are ones that we have discovered in recent years and some are places we return to year after year. These are the places that have played such a special part in the lives of not only my husband and I, but in those of our children, grandchildren, sisters and brothers, as well. They are, in a way, what makes us who and what we are as a family. The memories of times spent together with loved ones are instilled in our hearts and spirits for as long as we live. Today, I am posting about a  place that has become like an old friend to us. We feel welcomed and "at home" whenever we enter through its gates. Located in the foothills area of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is the theme park, Dollywood.  Many readers will likely know that the park is the namesake of the world renowned and much-adored, Dolly Parton. Before she became the ce