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Kitchen Christmas Tree A Closer Look

Here are some close up views of some of the decorations on my kitchen tree. There are some porcelain kissing snow babies that my Best Friend Forever, Harriette, made for me many years ago. There are many others from her. The red and white crochet candy canes and the white crochet angels were given to me by my only sister, Johnnie, who passed away 20 yrs. ago. I still miss her so much and it brings such sweet memories when I look at them. There are many plastic canvas ones that were made by my son-in-law's grandmother, whom we all call Granny. There is even a little heart cut out of construction paper with my youngest daughter's picture on it. She made it when she was in kindergarten and she is the mother of 2 girls of her own now. I made the cross-stitched Mrs. Clause pillow a long time ago, as well as the painted ornament of the house in the snow.This tree is very full, as you can see. It's not just full of decorations, but  full of the love from each person w

My First Kitchen Christmas Tree

I came by my first Kitchen Christmas tree this year when we stood in line at Belks Black Friday sale this year. My husband, a fantastic shopper and good at scouring the ads in the newspaper, had seen the ad for a tree he thought would be good for our great/living room area. He went straight for the trees when they opened the door while I went to the boots in hopes of finding a new brown pair for a steal. The place was a mad frenzy, with women grabbing boots by virtual stacks and slinging shoes every which way. I guess I am not brave enough, nor did I want boots that badly and am hard to fit (hee! hee!)to boot. I considered the situation and decided the slim chance I could even get a pair in my hands, much less that it would fit, was not worth the risk of life and limb. So, I squeezed my way around to the Home department where hubby was standing in a long line with box with Christmas tree inside. I noticed right away that the box was not real big and thought that the tree inside prob

Goodwill Treasures

I am sharing a pic of some Goodwill finds I purchased a while back. I think the mirror looks quite "french" so I naturally loved it so paid a little more(about $9)than I normally would. I thought about painting it but decided I like the black and gold frame as it is. The glass museum dome was something I could not pass up either, so I think I paid around $10. for it on the same day. When I purchased it there was an awful dried arrangement inside it stuck in a little "stump" which was glued to its base, thus the ugly marks after it was removed. I am in the process of painting the base white and will put something pretty under the glass, but haven't decided just what yet. I will send pictures of where I hung the mirror, which is quite heavy and also of the finished glass dome. Please excuse the junk(including the boxes of wipes) in the corner. Part and parcel of being the caregiver of my grands!