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Treasures-Some Lost, Some Found

A couple of posts ago, I introduced readers to my best buddy, Harriette. Well, one of the things the two of us enjoy doing together is hitting some of the local thrift stores on any given day. A couple of days ago was one of those days. On this day, we went first to one of the local Salvation Army Thrift shops. I was combing the store with a fine tooth comb, so as not to miss anything with potential when I spied a set of four pretty little bowls with strawberries on them. Knowing that Harriette had been searching for some things in the past with strawberries on them, I called her over.  I commented on how pretty they were and how it was too bad she was no longer looking for "strawberries." She agreed what a shame it was and I set them back down on the shelf and proceeded to look for more treasures. Remember the rule for thrift store shopping--"If you snooze, you lose." If you are even vaguely considering a purchase, put it into your cart and decide later. With

Time For A Change of Scenery

Dear friends, you have reached the right place. It is I and this is, in fact, Mimi Mine blog. Some of my friends and family know me to be  somewhat impulsive and, I am afraid, also a little compulsive . Honestly, I cannot seem to leave things alone sometimes. Just when you think I'm behaving, I go and change things around. Well, this isn't the first time and, in case you are wondering, it might not be the last and, yes, I have changed the look of my blog. It started with just one little step into the water and before I could stop I was walking out a little farther and suddenly, I was swept away into the tides of change. That about sizes it up, it really does.  Believe it or not, there is some method behind all this sudden madness.  It was as if I was looking at someone else's blog every time I signed on. The content was mine, if you get my drift, but the appearance was not.  Granted, the previous look of this blog was colorful and gay and I love bright and cheerful and am