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How I Clean My Bathtubs

Do you dread the task of cleaning your bathtubs?  Do you put it off as long as you can, all the while knowing that those tubs are just going to get cruddier and more scummed up as the days go by, making the task even more of a chore? Have you purchased every bathroom/tub cleaning product and tool you could lay your hands on, hoping against hope, that something will make the task a tad more tolerable? Do your hands hurt from struggling to grip the hard handles of the various tools and/or slippery cloths you use for scrubbing? Does your back ache from bending over the tub when you are done cleaning? Do you find yourself using volumes of  expensive cleaning products just to get your tubs reasonably clean? Do many of the cleaning solutions you use cause you cough when you breath while you are cleaning, so that you find yourself holding your breath? Do the cleaning products you use warn against using without adequate ventilation? In addition to all the above, do you find that after s

How I Make Wood Butter

It's no secret that items made of wood are some of the things I love. My large collections of rolling pins, wooden bowls and trays and wooden utensils are a testament to that fact. In one of my all-time favorite movies,  The Quiet Man, the character of Mary Kate Dannaher was portrayed by the beautiful Maureen O'Hara. Mary Kate, by her own admission, had "a fearful temper." She also had strong connection to the things that made her house a home--the things that made her happy.  In one of the scenes after she married Sean Thornton (John Wayne) and moved into his cottage with him, she insisted that she wanted "her things about her." The love found within my house is, of course, the thing that makes it feel like home. Still, like Mary Kate Dannaher, I feel a strong connection to and want to have some of "my things about me."  Wooden items are some of those "things." Over the decades, heat, humidity and cleaning can take a toll on wood

The Master Paints

 My God the Master paints the most magnificent paintings! What a blessing it was to see this sunset from my front porch this evening! The Master Paints Have a beautiful week, friends!