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Waiting for Downton Abbey

Well, this Sunday is the big night. The one when Season 3 of  Downton Abbey premiers! I am so excited and I hope it is as good as previous seasons. Yes, I am hopelessly hooked, right along with a lot of other followers. Do any of my fellow bloggers follow this fabulous show? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Drop Cloth Chair Slipcover

This chair was purchased by my husband and I over thirty years ago when our youngest daughter was just a toddler. It is upholstered in velvet velour fabric from the late 70's. The frame, padding and cushion are all still in good condition so when my daughter wanted a nice, comfortable chair to create a reading nook in her master bedroom. I have made slipcovers in the past and thought this would be a good candidate for a slip. I started searching for some good ideas and was inspired when I checked in with  and saw the great ways she was using paint drop cloths to make slipcovers. A trip to Home Depot netted a pack of 2 for around $10. Talk about a great buy! Most of the fabric in the drop cloths were used on this project, but a lot of tearing of cloth, fitting, tweaking and sewing resulted in the chair cover you now see. My sweet baby daughter loves it.