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Who Says Only Little Girls Can Love Dolls?

On my last post, I told you about the stress relief dolls I made for my sister-in-law, Janet, and her sweet friend, Kelli. After  reading on my blog that the dolls were finished and, having had a pretty stressful day at work yesterday, the girls were anxious to come by and pick up their new friends. They looked somewhat tired, stressed out and a little frazzled, as they walked through my door. I wish I had taken a picture when they walked in, so you could have seen the "before and after." Janet Kelli After sitting around, relaxing, stroking and cuddling their dolls for a few minutes, they were feeling ever so much better. I snapped these images of the lovely ladies, just moments before they left my house, dolls in tow. Pure Delight It was love at first sight. Notice the big, bright-eyed smiles. What blissful happiness these little ragamuffin dolls brought! It just goes to show, you don't have to be a little girl to love and appreciate e

Tutorial-How To Make a Homespun Stress-Relief Doll

Did you know there are dolls which are claimed to relieve stress? You have probably seen some of them on various sites around the web. These dolls are sometimes called by other choice names but, since I run a clean blog here, and since my children, grand-children and friends sometimes read my blog, I will call this type doll a "stress-relief" doll. In today's post, I will be showing you how to cut out and sew such a doll. I am a peaceful and peace-loving person and I am not into "voodoo" and do not advise poking a doll with needles or anything of that nature. I am not advocating any type of violence or abuse. The idea is that one is to flail the doll around (if that is what helps them). You know, like having a pillow fight, I guess. All sorts of poems and sayings can be found on the net to go along with this type of doll, if you are intending to make one and give as a gift. The dolls I made are constructed of very soft flannel and filled with polyester

Tutorial-How to Make a Memory Shirt Quilt, Part One, the Quilt Top

A while back, I told you a little about a special quilt my best friend, Harriette, and I put together for her husband, Larry. I wish I could take credit for the concept and creation of this wonderful quilt, but, alas, I cannot. Yes, I cut squares of fabric and backing, as instructed, and I even sewed a seam or two. Oh, and it was I who took pictures to document the process. I have seen ads on the internet where you can send in your tee-shirts and have them made into quilts, but this particular quilt was altogether the vision of my awesomely talented friend. Larry has worked for many years in the area of law-enforcement and security. He spent most of the last years of this career working for a security site, where his job took him to many areas of the United States. He accumulated a large collection of shirts from different sites at which he had worked during  the time he was employed at the site. The shirts had been packed away and were serving no practical purpose. As the couple wa