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A Beautiful Day at the Biltmore

Yesterday was a gorgeous springlike Day. The day was made even more beautiful because it was spent with family and friends in Asheville, North Carolina visiting the beautiful  Biltmore House and Gardens . There were nine of us on this trip. My husband and I, our daughter Stephanie and her husband Jason and all three of our granddaughters. We were totally thrilled that our beautiful friends, Larry and Harriette could also join us for the day trip to this awesome place. It was our first visit this time of year and it was great because early spring flowers were abundant on the grounds and the wonderful Fashionable Romance: Wedding Gowns in Film exhibition is in progress. This is a very short post because I wanted to share a photograph of our group taken by the Biltmore photographers. I will post more about our visit later! A Day at the Biltmore House & Gardens with Family and Friends My husband and I are pictured on the left. Our eldest granddaughter Sophie is standing next t

Recipe for Cream Cheese Key Lime Pie

We had our girls and their children over here this afternoon to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with us. I am now able to sit down to post the recipe for the Cream Cheese Key Lime Pie I posted about earlier. In case you missed my Saint Patrick's Day post earlier, this is the pie: Cream Cheese Key Lime Pie If you like taste of Key limes, then this one is for you. I actually made two of these pies for today because they add just a touch of green for Saint Patrick's Day dinner and because I thought my husband, who really enjoys a good pie. He is very fond of citrus pies, especially key lime and lemon meringue pies. This pie is very rich and creamy, satisfying those with a sweet tooth. At the same time, it packs a tangy Key lime punch! Cream Cheese Key Lime Pie Cream Cheese Key Lime Pie To make my Key Lime Pie I started with this Key Lime bottled Key lime juice: Nellie & Joe's Famous Key Wet Lime Juice There is a recipe on the back of the bottle.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! It may not be a true Irish tradition, but it is traditional in our family. We are having Corned Beef and Cabbage, new red potatoes and carrots. Dessert at our house today is one of my sweetie's favorites, Key Lime Pie. I made two Cream Cheese Key Lime Pies! Cream Cheese Key Lime Pie I will be sharing the recipe for my Cream Cheese Key Lime Pie later!