Saturday, December 22, 2012

My First Kitchen Christmas Tree

I came by my first Kitchen Christmas tree this year when we stood in line at Belks Black Friday sale this year. My husband, a fantastic shopper and good at scouring the ads in the newspaper, had seen the ad for a tree he thought would be good for our great/living room area. He went straight for the trees when they opened the door while I went to the boots in hopes of finding a new brown pair for a steal. The place was a mad frenzy, with women grabbing boots by virtual stacks and slinging shoes every which way. I guess I am not brave enough, nor did I want boots that badly and am hard to fit (hee! hee!)to boot. I considered the situation and decided the slim chance I could even get a pair in my hands, much less that it would fit, was not worth the risk of life and limb. So, I squeezed my way around to the Home department where hubby was standing in a long line with box with Christmas tree inside. I noticed right away that the box was not real big and thought that the tree inside probably was not either. I kept my thoughts to myself, however, because I knew that a slim tree would not suit hubby for our living area, as he likes a full tree(so do I)for that area. I figured it might just be great for our kitchen. After all was said and done, we got that tree for under $60. after we used our 2 gift cards we got at the door when it opened($5. each). It was supposed to have been a $200. tree(uh?). Put that Baby up in the kitchen and put mostly handmade and nostalgic ornaments on it  with country plaid ribbon.
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