Thursday, January 10, 2013

What's Inside this Mysterious Surprise Package?

On Christmas Eve, I received this mysterious package in the mail(picture taken after the seal was broken).

What was in it? I didn't have a clue. It was from Fiskars Company. I couldn't remember ordering anything from that company. That didn't necessarily surprise me, since there is a lot that I seem to forget--but I digress.

So, I quickly opened(tore into) the package.

And, this great pair of scissors of scissors was inside!

Then, it occurred to me that some time back, maybe a few months ago, I saw something on the Internet related to a Fiskateers Club. Or was it an e-mail I received? Um, anyway, I remember signing up for updates and things of interest. I had joined Fiskateers! This was the Fiskars Company's way of welcoming me into the club.

What a great surprise! Not to mention, a nice gift for this sewer and crafter to open on Christmas Eve Day!

Fiskars hasn't asked me to say this, but for all you sewing and crafter /bloggers out there, if you want to click on to, who knows, you might want to join the club. I'm tickled pink(or maybe orange and green)that I did!

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