Monday, February 25, 2013

Celebrating the Irish Spirit

My Dear Fellow Blogger Family

Thanks so much for all your well wishes. I have not posted for a while and  having been inspired by so many of you, I decided to share with you  how I am celebrating my little touch of Irish heritage.  From what I know of my family history, we descend from Irish, French and American Cherokee Indian ancestry. I hope you will enjoy!

This pretty little musical doll's name is Kelly. She holds a shamrock in her hand for Saint Patrick's Day wishes. She is so excited and wants to share the festivities with you! Her hair is the same color as my sweet grand-daughter, Rachel.  Debbie over at DebbieDabbles reminded me, while enjoying what she has done to celebrate, that Kelly had been put away much too long. I saw her gorgeous doll and musical teddy bear in her recent post and a little bell went off in my head. Her decorations are always awe-inspiring. 
Dear Kelly is accompanied by a few of her friends. On her far right, is Pawley. He is holding his sea shell and is named  for(you might have guessed it), Pawleys Island, S.C. This is a lovely place to visit, here in our beautiful state. The fellow on her immediate right is named Lance, after the baking company, . He's holding a couple of their tasty snacks(cheese crackers with peanut butter in the middle). To Kelly's left is a girl called Friday, as in "My Girl Friday." And, yes folks, I still remember when we used typewriters!  Friday was given to me by wonderful friends when I worked in the insurance industry at Hutson-Etherredge Co.  

This is Rachel. She brings sunshine to our lives every day and because of  her and all our other grandchildren most every day is a reason to celebrate.   They bring our family so much joy!

The head of this family of thimble-hats is sitting on the spool to the far left. His name is Darn and it looks like his sock could use a little darning. The wee lassie next to him , his daughter, is called Mendy and she is holding her mama's strawberry pincushion. Little laddie, Bobbin, is next to Mendy and  is holding, what else but a bobbin, for his mother's sewing machine. Last of all, on the far right is mother herself, Thimblena. She has selected a spool of  thread for her next sewing project and is anxious to begin creating. The "bairns" and their "Da"(a wink to my husband Glenn) are ready to help her to get underway. They all share my love of sewing! 

These 2 wee folks are McEver, on the left, and Coleen on the right. The ladd, McEver, is named for a coach McIver. You will note the football(walnut) he is gripping in his hands. They are surrounded by shamrocks. Our Coleen, the sweet lass, is holding a little shamrock, which seems to have brought them good fortune. They have managed to find that  elusive "pot of gold" that everyone seems to be searching for. Aren't they the lucky ones? Now, if I could just find mine!

Some of my little folks(Tom Clark figurines) may not be one hundred percent Irish, but I tend to believe they all have a wee touch of that Irish spirit, don't you?

Wishing you the best on Saint Patrick's Day and blessings all of your days!

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