Thursday, March 14, 2013

Treasures-Some Lost, Some Found

A couple of posts ago, I introduced readers to my best buddy, Harriette. Well, one of the things the two of us enjoy doing together is hitting some of the local thrift stores on any given day. A couple of days ago was one of those days.

On this day, we went first to one of the local Salvation Army Thrift shops. I was combing the store with a fine tooth comb, so as not to miss anything with potential when I spied a set of four pretty little bowls with strawberries on them. Knowing that Harriette had been searching for some things in the past with strawberries on them, I called her over.  I commented on how pretty they were and how it was too bad she was no longer looking for "strawberries." She agreed what a shame it was and I set them back down on the shelf and proceeded to look for more treasures. Remember the rule for thrift store shopping--"If you snooze, you lose." If you are even vaguely considering a purchase, put it into your cart and decide later.

Within five minutes she had thought of a reason to buy those bowls. Her husband, her son and, sometimes herself, participate in barbecue cook-offs. Sometimes a dessert is a part of the judging and Harriette makes the dessert. She would use the bowls for displaying some type of strawberry dessert that she was planning to make for the upcoming cook-off.  Well, we walked back over to the place where the bowls had been and, you guessed it, they were gone. Thinking that since there weren't many people shopping at the time, perhaps we were mistaken and they were on the next shelf over. We looked all around, to no avail. Determined, she went up to the counter and asked the nice clerk if someone had come through the check-out with the bowls. They had not, so the bowls were still in the shop, in the cart of someone who had not been snoozing. We considered hunting the customer down, though I don't know what we were going to do if we found them. It was a fleeting thought, which thankfully passed, because I had spied a very large silver-plated tray. It happens that I am always on the prowl for trays of all description, but am particularly fond of silver and silver-plated ones with flat, smooth inside surfaces. Some trays, I put to use for serving food or to display objects.

On other occasions, I might paint a tray with chalkboard paint, as I did the one above. This one is displayed in my kitchen all the time. I use Bistro Markers or regular chalk to write on it, displaying  seasonal greetings or leaving a message. For the above design, I used stencils and Bistro Markers and a hand-written phrase.  A tray like this is both decorative and practical.

When invited to a wedding shower, I almost always include one as a part of my gift, along with a stand and some chalk. Brides seem to enjoy getting these as gifts.

The tray above is the one found in the shop. It is very smooth,as the design is not raised or recessed, so it will not show through when it's painted. When I pointed the tray out to Harriette, she said she had seen it earlier when I was looking at the dishes. She had contemplated buying it to paint and use for a chalkboard to write the menu on at the previously mentioned cook-off. She decided against it because she figured she would not have time to paint it. Also, we had both noticed it had a screw missing on one of the handles.I thought that she should go ahead and buy it because the screw could be replaced and I would help her with painting it. I told her if she wasn't going to purchase it, I would buy it for myself. Folks, the lady can read me like a cheap novel. She knew I was going to buy it and paint it for her and said as much. She would not allow it. She was right,  I was going to do exactly that. In the end,  she bought it and I brought it home with me. I was able to stabilize  the handle and clean it up and I intend to start priming and painting it soon. 

Below are some items I found a little later when we went on to Goodwill.

A Beautiful Little Lead Crystal Wheel Barrow Vase or Candy Container
A Great Black Chain-Style Belt with Rhinestones

I'm not sure what I am going to do with the belt, wear it or use it to make a bracelet of some type(maybe leather). Think of the possibilities! Ideas anyone?

I believe that re-purposing or giving something old a new life is a good thing. That's what I love about thrifting. You have to act quickly or you could lose out on a treasure, but you might find that one or two wonderful gems will make it home with you in the end.

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