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Tutorial-How To Make An Infinity Scarf

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The Infinity Scarf
Many of you bloggers probably know what an infinity scarf is. For those who do not, it is a neck-scarf which forms a circle or circles(as in the case of the scarf on which this tutorial is based). If you have been shopping lately, you have probably seen these scarves in many of the stores. It is probably not a new invention in the world of style and, but has seen a revival and soaring in popularity lately, and with good reason. It is a very chic accessory and can serve to make an enormous fashion statement, jazzing up that plain shirt, blouse or dress.  There are many tutorials out there, including some videos on the internet, which show how one of these versatile pieces of apparel is put together. Today's post is my humble attempt to show you the way I constructed the scarf shown above.  It is about the easiest thing to cut out and sew up that I have ever done. It is an excellent beginner's project.

You will want to begin this project by cutting out a rectangle one inch longer and wider than you want the finished scarf to be. This will allow 1/2 inch seam allowances when you sew. For this scarf, a rectangle 67 by 10-1/2 inches was used. You will then fold the fabric in half, lengthwise, with right sides of fabric facing inside the fold and dull or wrong side facing out. You will then measure in approx. 4 inches from each end of the long edge of the folded fabric and place a straight-pin at each end to mark the 4 inch spot or use a pencil or sewing marker that can be removed with water. You will then start sewing a straight line from the first 4 inch mark to the other, reverse-stitching to secure at the beginning and again at the end of your seam. This will give you a secure seam. Those of you who are familiar with a sewing machine will know this, but for those new to sewing, it is worth noting, as you do not want your seams to pull apart during the turning of your scarf. The seam should look like this picture when you complete the seam. Hopefully, you can see the line of stitching on the right side. You will see the 4 inch space to the left,where there are no stitches.
Now, turn this long piece of fabric right(pretty) side out to form a tube with both ends open. Your tube should appear something like this:

Now, bring one open end of the tube around to meet up with the other open end. Here is where you will match up the right(pretty)sides of both open ends and pin together. You have to work a little here, starting at the corner of one side and pinning, working your way across, pinning as you go and matching raw edges, right side to right side until you reach the other corner. You will note that the pinned edges will have a fan-like appearance because you are working with a tube and have only a small space to work in. I tried to illustrate this step with this picture:
Notice The Fan-Shape When Raw Edges Are Pinned

Make a straight seam all the way across, from one corner to the other. Now the "circle" has been created. When the short ends are sewed together, it should look like this:

Hold one side of this tube in each hand and give a little tug (I find this is the easiest way to get the tube situated and ready to finish).This little tug will serve to turn the edges in so that it looks like this, a tube with only a small opening at the seam in the middle of the scarf:

Pin the opening together as shown below:

Readers. now comes the part where I envy those of you who have the ability to make pretty hand stitches. Here is where you hand stitch the little opening in the tube shut. You can whip-stitch, if you like. Here, a little blanket-like stitch was used:

You now have a unique and chic "infinity scarf." How easy is that?!

You will remember, I made a long scarf so that it would circle around my neck twice. To arrange it the way I did in the top picture, you will first put the scarf over your head, making sure the seam where you connected the ends of the tube is at the back side of your neck. Your scarf will hang quite low on your body at this point. Next, hold one hanging side in your right hand and the other in your left hand and criss-cross the two sides over each other to form another circle. Holding this second circle in place, slip it over your head. Now you have 2 circles around your neck. Play around with the two circles until your scarf drapes just the way you want it to drape. 

It is your turn now, "sew" have some fun!
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