Friday, June 21, 2013

Wee Man Makes A Mean Beat

I have not spent much time blogging the past couple of weeks for various reasons, including family illnesses, some unexpected events, reading and a general lack of enthusiasm on my part. You know what I mean, stuff and things and time flying on wings.

Did you know that with having grandchildren comes an automatic license to brag about them? I try not to do it often, but every now and then, I think it's okay. Today, I am going to take that license to tell you a little something about a special young man and to brag on him, just a smidgen. This is the youngest of our two grandsons, Stephen.

One of the things Stephen enjoys is watching wrestling matches and collecting items related to the sport of wrestling. He has loved doing this since he was a tiny tot. He spent hours running all around the house in his undershorts, wearing a cape, pretending to be one of the wrestlers he had seen on television.

Our three granddaughters adore Stephen and think he is "all that" and then some. When he is around, they follow him everywhere, like The Pied Piper. He is several years older than the oldest of the girls, but he is so patient and is never too busy to spend a little time with them, doing whatever they want to do. They enjoy playing board games, video games, building with blocks, Lincoln Logs, playing with cars, softball or whatever.They hang on his every word and action. Truth is, it isn't just our grands who are drawn to him. We jokingly call him a "chick magnet." His older brother finds the whole thing pretty perplexing, to say the least.

Because one of the girls could not say his name clearly when she was a toddler, she called him Weeman. Since Stephen was smaller in stature than most kids his age, the name caught on and so we dubbed him, Wee Man. It stuck and he liked it, claiming it as his stage name for his wrestling fantasies. He even dressed up one Halloween as a wrestler, wearing a cape with Wee Man written across the back of it.
Today, he is still not at the top of the charts in stature, but he has a big heart, a grand personality, and a lot of character. We had to chuckle when he joined the band at the middle school he attends and was chosen to play percussion instruments. He plays the cymbals, probably one of the most audible instruments in the band. When the cymbals clang, it gets your attention.  He also plays a very large drum, probably the over-all largest instrument in the school's band. Here is a picture of Stephen, posing with the big bass drum.

I think he plays these instruments quite well, considering he is a first year band student. I told you I was going to brag, just a little, and so I am. It is my belief that every child needs lifting up, once in a while.

Stephen and a few other band students from his school were invited to play this year in The Aiken All-County Da Capo Band concert, which took place on May 25th. A few students from different schools in the county are chosen to play. The event is coordinated by the Aiken County Band Directors Association. All of the above photos were taken at the event in May. He had to run back and forth between instruments during the presentation of the pieces. The following photo was taken from across the gym and you can just barely see Stephen, standing, farthest to the left, in front of the school's blue and red striped banner.

After the concert, my husband and I met up with friends at Old McDonald's Fish Camp in North Augusta, S.C. This is a great family-style fish and seafood restaurant, which was established in 1977. It is a treat for me, as a southern gal, because they offer all the creamy grits and delicious hush-puppies you care to eat with your meal. There is a fabulously large and picturesque pond on site, with an operating water mill. They have, as well, a marvelous menagerie of farm animals. It includes everything, from chickens, ducks and geese to goats(the baby goats are so cute)! If you are ever in the area, you cannot beat it for good, clean family fun, food and service. You can check out the following link to their Facebook page,, if you would like to see more about the restaurant and grounds.

Old McDonald's Fish Camp is also home to this proud fellow:
Which brings me back to the subject of this post. I am as proud as a peacock of Stephen.

Wee Man Makes a Mean Beat!

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