A Face-lift for the Master Bath

My master bathroom has been in need of a face-lift for several years. It looked so bad that I did not take any before pictures. The changes I made would look more impressive, if you had seen the before. We had painted it yellow more than six years ago. At the time, I was into yellow, so we painted the master bedroom and master bath in yellows. I really do like the color yellow, but the color in there had long since begun to grate on my nerves. It was looking more putrid than pretty. The floor was beyond disgusting. I won't go into graphic detail about it, but suffice to say, it was looking like a really bad "before" room from an episode of  This Old House.

I had been planning to replace the floor this room's floor for quite a while. I decided several years back what flooring I was going to use. I first discovered the flooring while visiting Jennifer Grey's blog, The Old Painted Cottage at http://theoldpaintedcottage.blogspot.com/ . It is one of my all-time favorite blogs and if you have not checked it out, you really should do so. She has a monthly feature on her blog called Cottage of the Month. I have been checking out the Cottage of the Month for at least three full years and am never disappointed. I have spent many hours, going back through past years, looking at previous houses she has featured from each month. As I recall, she has been doing Cottage of the Month for some 7 years. If you would like to browse some of the cottages you can click on this link http://theoldpaintedcottage.com/pages/cottagemonth_enter.htm. Warning!!You might become addicted, because I certainly have!  It was Jennifer's own home, Cottage 8, which inspired me to look into Allure flooring.  Go to this link to browse through her home  http://theoldpaintedcottage.blogspot.com/2009/08/cottage8-before-after-reveal.html. It is pretty awe-inspiring. Being a big DIYer, the thing that most impressed me was the fact that she and her husband did pretty much all of the remodeling themselves. Jennifer states in her blog that the question she is most often asked is about the floors in her home. Those beautiful wood floors!

The thing is that, though they look and feel like real wood, they are actually vinyl planks and Jennifer and her husband installed them all themselves. Anybody who knows me also knows that I am beyond inquisitive when it comes to DIY techniques, so when I read about those floors, I checked into it right away. The flooring is something called Allure and is sold at Home Depot. There are lots of reviews (most of which are favorable) on the net. I read all the good things Jennifer had to say about the flooring and how much she likes it. I emailed her the end of last year and asked if she was still happy with her floors. She emailed me back right away, saying that she was so pleased with the flooring she had installed several years back, but that they were about to do the remainder of their home in exactly the same flooring. If you visit her, you will note that she has posted instructions that illustrate her husband in the process of installing the latest flooring. You can go to this link http://www.homedepot.com/p/TrafficMaster-6-in-x-36-in-Country-Pine-Resilient-Vinyl-Plank-Flooring-24-sq-ft-case-33114/100594661#.Ue68B_nVB6M to check out the exact flooring they have in their wonderful home. There are some really good Youtube videos on the subject, as well.

Since I so liked the way their floors look, I played copy-cat and went with the same. I purchased it 2 or 3 months ago, but had to wait until summer to install it. We started on Monday before July 4th and I enlisted the help of my 16 year old grandson, Glenn, the first day of installation. I was going to do the job myself, since my husband is working part time and has crazy hours, but I knew I should not try to move the toilet and replace it alone. This is my sweet grandson:
My Sweet Grandson, Glenn
He is so smart and quick to catch on. My son-in-law, Jimmy, has taught him well. He was so patient while we worked together. It is a good thing, because it was the first time I had done any type of flooring. Since I had not removed the old vinyl flooring yet, he helped me do that. That was the hardest part of the whole process. Since it had more adhesive than I had anticipated, it took us the greater part of the day to remove that mess. Technically, we could have laid the new flooring over the top of the old, but it was pretty badly damaged where it butted up with the tub, so I did not think it was a good idea to leave it down. It is important to make sure the floor(or sub-floor, as in our case) is free of any lumps, nail-heads, etc., as these will affect the final look of your new floor. We worked the toilet area first and then placed the toilet and new seal back down, so that Glenn would not have to come back the next day. Installing the floor was wonderfully easy, as a sharp utility knife is used for the straight cuts and a pair of vinyl siding shears is great for cutting any curves or other than straight lines. I was able to do the rest of the floor alone. I finished it the next day. After putting quarter-round molding back all around, calking any nail holes, etc. in the molding with white calk, sealing all around with clear silicone where the molding meets the floor and along the tub, this is what it looks like after it was finished.
New Allure Master Bathroom Floor

I was pleased and satisfied with the results and was ready to tackle the painting next. I had been collecting paint samples for months and since I was going for a fresh, clean look, I had decided it would be a light, white-gray. I found a color that suited me in the Olympic Paint line. The following link will show you the color I decided on for the bathroom http://www.olympic.com/color/paint-colors/moonlit-snow-c40-3. I used Satin Paint +Primer. It was the first time I have used paint with primer and I love the way it covers. It dries very quickly, as well. I used Olympic Semi-Gloss White Paint+Primer for all the trim-work and vanity cabinets. This is a shot from the door leading from the master bedroom and I think it shows the floor much better:
Master Bath after Painting with Olympic Satin+Primer and Olympic Solid White Semi-Gloss+Primer Trim

The curtains are the ones I found at Habitat Thrift Store. I purchased the white rug and a larger one, as well, to use at the tub from T.J. Maxx. My sweet baby daughter was going to get rid of the little cabinet and asked me if I wanted it. Well, yes, because I knew where I was going to put it. I had thought about painting it but my friend, Harriette, and other daughter, Angela, think I should leave the stain as is as it looks quite good with the new floor. So, I guess it will stay that way, at least for now. I am thinking about toning down the tin in the doors with a whitewash or an antique glaze, since the tin is a little to shiny for my taste. I would like to hear your opinions on the subject, so what do you think? The following pictures were also in my last post, showing some of the thrift store finds I used in this bathroom:
Shower Curtain from Goodwill Industries

Great Storage Box from Goodwill Industries to Corral Clutter and Hide Medications

My dear, sweet mother has gone on to be with the Lord. My older sister, Johnnie, introduced her to ceramics many years ago and she, with Sister's help, made the great pitcher and wash bowl for me. Here is a close-up of it:
Ceramic Pitcher and Washbowl Set Created by my Mother
It was one of the few things she did in ceramics. I have not really had the perfect place to put it, but I am happy with it atop the little cabinet.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about all the white switch plates covers I purchased for half off at Habitat Thrift Store.  I bought every one they had, in the various sizes, since I have other rooms to paint in the same or similar color. They look as good as new. I know new ones do not cost very much, but why pass up a deal when you see it?  I The ones I removed are beige and did not look as well with the new color. I don't know if you can see them well in this picture that I cropped out to try to give a closer look, but hopefully you can tell that they look pretty good for an average of fifteen or twenty cents apiece:

White Switch Plate Covers from Habitat Thrift Store

Here's another picture of that wall with the switches:

I think I took most, if not all, of these pictures with my cell phone and they are not the best quality. Something seems to be going wrong with the camera on it, because today, I could not even download pictures from it to my laptop, for some reason. The camera on it might have gone bad on me.

By the way, I spray painted all the drawer and cabinet pulls with Krylon Hammered Metal for Plastic. You can see them pretty well in the second picture of the bathroom in this post. The knobs were actually the shiny brass kind. I know I could have used a spray paint made for metals, but I decided to experiment with what I had on hand--the one for plastics. It works beautifully!

Now, I have to get busy and choose some pictures and so on for the walls. I have a few in mind that I already have.  Maybe I will post again after I finish with that. I'll use my camera next time and maybe things will look better.

Other than some updated faucets and towel bars, which we installed several years ago, and an occasional paint job on the walls and vanity, our master bath had not been updated since we purchased our home almost 22 years ago. Thanks to a little hard work and the assistance of my wonderful grandson, Glenn, we now have a master bath that is clean,  crisp and fresh looking. There are several other things I want to do in there but, in spite of that, a room that had become somewhat depressing to use is now a pleasure for us to enter.


You rocked it!! I am beyond impressed that you got those floors in...they look so beautiful as does your whole space spruce up!!! How wonderful that your grandson helped in the process as well! And I love that pitcher...the perfect spot indeed!!!
Anonymous said…
Looks Great Lynn
Lynn, you and your grandson did such a great job! The flooring looks terrific! Congratulations on tackling such an arduous project. So worth it though in the end!

Your bathroom looks wonderful. I love the floor! And the fact that your grandson helped you with it. You two do great work! :)
You and your grandson have done a fabulous job with the bathroom, Lynn!!! I'm impressed with the flooring. Our bathroom really needs re-doing, but we're baulking at starting.
Vel Criste said…
Your flooring does look great Lynn! I can see why you love it so much, and with the resilience of vinyl, it's a sure bet for the bath. I talked to the installer about the sealant for the laminate and he said that that's what he's gonna be doing for the kitchen, since it can get wet. My only problem with vinyl was that, we had it in our basement, and we installed it ourselves, and it scratched up already pretty bad. This will be my first experience with laminate, so we'll have to see. Good thing, both options are floating floors so someday, replacing won't be so hard. Thank for visiting my blog! Started following you dear! :-)
Beautiful makeover!!! and kudos to your grandson!...Love the bowl and pitcher..I am sure you think of your mother each time to see it!..So very special!
Wilma said…
Hi Lynn,
Your bathroom looks great now !!
It is allways such a job to make over a room, but
when it's done....so rewarding and a joy to be in that
place. I love the wonderful creation of your mother !

OMG!! You are a rock star in the world of DIY in my book!!!! I would not even attempt to do this especially with the toilet!! That is why we are paying someone to install the wood laminate through out the whole downstairs!! Joe is not handy in any shape or form. It kills me to have to pay someone , being a carpenter's daughter, but because of both of us still working and lack of knowledge, this is the way we had to go!
It looks great! You and your grandson ( Kudos to him too) did an amazing job!!

Holly Lefevre said…
I need that flooring for my master bath! In eight years I have removed wallpaper, painted (3x) and finally got a new vanity...but the floor and shower (ICK!). How sweet of your grandson to help...will be come help me?

You made beautiful changes. Enjoy!
lynn cockrell said…
Nicole, as you can see, I am way behind on correspondence. It always brings a smile to my face when I see you have dropped by. Thanks for your kind remarks about the floor. My grandson, Glenn, is always good to do most anything I ask. His dad has always been my right hand man, but I try not to ask him to do a lot now, though he was really wanting to get involved with this project and called a couple of times to check up on us, even though he was suffering from results of the chemo. I am really wanting to do several more rooms and the upstairs landing with the Allure flooring. Jennifer had told me how much she loves her floors and now that I have got the bathroom under my belt, I feel confident that I can do the rest when I can budget it. I love the pitcher, too, because my mama made it. Have a beautiful evening and Sunday tomorrow!
lynn cockrell said…
Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I am definitely going to use the Allure flooring elsewhere, because it is really fun and easy to use and has a 25 year warranty. Your comment is showing up as anonymous, so I am not certain who sent it. I am so glad you stopped by my blog and I hope you will visit again and leave your name.God bless you and have a beautiful weekend!
lynn cockrell said…
Jennifer, I am so glad that you stopped by. Your comments really appreciated, particularly since it was you and your blog that gave me the inspiration to try the Allure flooring. I admit that I was pretty sore and achy afterwards. This is mainly because I am so out of shape and not as young as I once was, but the end results were, as you stated, so worth it! Thanks again for stopping by my humble little blog and for continuing to encourage us other bloggers with, not only posting about your home and garden projects, but for continuing to offer the "Cottage of the Month," which is delightful!
lynn cockrell said…
Thanks so much for reading my blog and for taking time to leave your sweet comments! It means a lot coming from you, because I know how very talented you are. I also know how busy you are, especially now that your shop is open. Your sweet mama is your great assistant. My grandson is mine, at least for now. He starts his junior year of high school this fall and had his first date a few weeks ago. Time flies so quickly. Have a beautiful evening and a wonderful Sunday!
lynn cockrell said…
It is so sweet of you to stop by, Pam. Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comments. Our bathroom was looking really bad and it is so much more pleasant walking in there now. If I can put this floor down, most anyone can do it. My husband, who tends to be a bit cynical, thinks it turned out great,too, so that was an added bonus for me. I'm loving all the great sewing projects on Threading My Way. I hope to get some sewing time in between other projects around the house. Again, thanks for coming by and leaving such encouraging remarks!
lynn cockrell said…
I am so glad you dropped by and apologize for to be slow in replying. I love the look of the laminate in my kitchen and it is pretty tolerant of scratches, so that is not a complaint. The only problem I had was with the places which swelled up from moisture that got in between the locking parts. If your installer will seal them up really well, then you shouldn't have that problem. I wish I had pressed the issue, but he assured me it was not necessary. I know your kitchen will be beautiful. Have a blessed weekend!
lynn cockrell said…
Thanks so much, Shirley, for visiting my blog and leaving your thoughtful comments! I am sorry for being so late in replying. My grandson is a sweet young man and always such a great helper. His talented dad, who is now very ill, has had him helping with all manner of projects for most of his life. It was a blessing having him work with me on the floor and we learned together. I do think of my mother when I look at the pitcher. Have a great Sunday tomorrow!
lynn cockrell said…
Wilma, it is so true that the most daunting part of a project is the beginning, but the satisfaction of seeing it through is the reward. I do not have much that belonged to my mother, so I am very glad to have the pitcher and bowl that she made, especially for me, while she was still alive. Thank you so very much for taking time out of your day to visit my blog and leave your words of encouragement. Have a beautiful Sunday tomorrow and God bless you!
lynn cockrell said…

Glenn, my husband, is not a handy man, either. To give credit where it is due, I can say that he is good to help out with cleaning, laundry, etc., and he is a great grocery shopper and I have yet to ever pump gas. However, not only is he not particularly good with tools, he is not much fun to work with on any type of DIY project, because he is pretty impatient. It is just not his thing. Grandson Glenn, on the other hand, is good at catching on and very handy with tools of any sort and has a world of patience. He seemed to actually have fun with me. One of the most satisfying things about the floor project was that my cynical Glenn was actually happy with the results when it was finished. The other rooms will be easier, when I am able to budget them, as there will be no toilets to move and put back down and no old vinyl to tear off and scrape and sand down the glue patches. I know how sore you were now, after you finished your powder room project. I ached for days, but it was well worth it to me. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave your always encouraging comments, sweet friend!
lynn cockrell said…
Holly, thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I have so many things to do around the house, but I do feel I have made a dent in it with this bathroom. It was the room that was driving me the craziest, if you know what I mean. Grandson Glenn is always happy to help anyone, in any way he can, whenever possible. Have a good night and a great Sunday!
Unknown said…
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