Saturday, September 14, 2013

Victory Sports Soccer Season and the Blessings of Friends and Family

This past Saturday marked the beginning of a new soccer season for Victory Sports, the church league in which my daughter, Angela, her husband and their children have been involved for a good many years now. All three children have played sports with this league and/or have assisted in coaching the younger children for basketball and soccer. Angela does all the things that mothers of children who are involved in church or school sports activities do. Up until now, Jimmy, our son-in-law, has been very active in coaching the children for soccer and basketball. This soccer season he, because of complications and side-effects involved with his treatments, has not been able to coach.

Shiloh Baptist Church is a sponsor of Victory Sports and is the place where all the games are played and where children from all around the Aiken area are blessed to be able to participate in the games and activities associated with Victory Sports. Angela, Jimmy and the children are members there and have been very involved in the program since long before they made the decision to join the church. I took this picture of just a few of the beautiful people who tirelessly give of themselves in both time and energy. They are wonderful friends and are living examples of Christian love.
Back Row From Left, Jennifer, Valerie (Sports Coordinator), Angela(our Daughter), Jimmy(our Son-in-Law), Drew (Coach) and Michael (Organizer and Coach). Front Row From Left, Anslee (Daughter of Michael & Valerie), Jewelynn and Stephen(Assistant to Soccer Coach).
God is at the center of the games and is a major part of the coaching and playing of games. The opening prayer at this kick-off game was for the players to play games fairly and safely and to the glorification of God. The prayer also focused on Jimmy and his on-going battle with cancer. He is so very grateful for the prayers that are continually offered up for him, including those sent out by those who read this blog. My sincere thanks and gratitude goes out to all you precious people. Thank you for taking time to pray for Jimmy. It means so much to him and our family. Your prayers have been instrumental in helping him in his courageous battle.

Some of the folks in the above picture are wearing snazzy tie-dye t-shirts in Jimmy's honor and to show support in his fight to survive. The quotation on the front reads "Kickin' Out Cancer-Canepa(Jimmy's last name)Strong."

Jimmy lives each day and does not dwell on the negatives in his situation, but on the positives in each new day.

It is hard for out big "teddy-bear" to sit it out or stand on the sidelines, but we have faith that he will be out there coaching and chasing those kids around the field before long.

Jimmy Watching from the Sidelines
The young people pictured below with Jimmy are always there to coach and to support the league and to help in mentoring the kids by the way they live their lives

Though she has not been the most enthusiastic participant in the past couple of seasons, our Jewel seems to be getting into the game with more gusto this year.

Young Ones are Playing Hard, in Spite of the Heat

Stopping for a quick water break to cool off a bit and to re-hydrate.

A Very Thirsty Girl

Jewel definitely has her "prissy" side, just like her Mama.
Jewel Striking a Pose
Stephen is helping  coach the youngest players (3&4 years old) this year. It is the first year he is not playing. Here he is with his Mama, taking a water break:
Stephen, Taking a Water Break with Angela

Coach Drew has obviously worked up a big thirst at the end of the game.

Who Wants a Cup When You are This Thirsty?

The game was enjoyed by all, but sometimes, what happens on the sidelines is as entertaining as the game. That's what happened at this game. A tot had me in stitches as I observed him. This adorable aspiring player spent a lot of time running after a soccer ball on the sidelines. In the following picture, he had stopped for a little snack break(note the Goldfish between his legs):

Breaking for a Little Goldfish Snack
Notice the look of concentration on his face. What happened next leads me to believe he was probably thinking "I want to eat these Goldfish, but I really do not like all those yucky crumbs getting all over my fingers."

This smart little guy figured out that there is often more than one way to eat and he has given the term "snacking" a whole new meaning. You have probably heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, the following pictures are a short lesson on "How to Eat Goldfish Without Getting Crumbs on Your Fingers."

It Works Pretty Well to Sit and Lean Into Your Snack.

That way was okay, but maybe it will work better with different approach. What do you think?

This Seems to Work Much Better. 

So there you have it. Every Goldfish eaten and not one crumb on the fingers! How smart! This trick probably won't work for those of us who are old(er) and/or as out of shape as me. If you who are into yoga or are contortionists, maybe you can pull this one off.

Here is one last photo taken on my birthday, week before last. when friends and family came by. It was a good day. My "grand-girls" were clowning around, even before they had that sugar-shot (piece of cake).

My Silly Little Clowns, Rachel on Far Left, Sophie and Jewelynn (Jewel).

God has blessed our family, bountifully and mightily! His grace never fails and He is the source of our strength in every situation. It is not through our own strength that we endure but through the strength of Him. In all things we glorify Him and give Him thanks:

Thank you for indulging me as I post about family and friends.These are just a couple of things that make me happy and brighten my life--time well spent with beautiful people, cherished friends and family. For these things I am grateful.  It may not seem like much, but it is incredibly special to me.

Have a gorgeous weekend!

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