Saturday, October 19, 2013

Magic Bands From Walt Disney World

If you are a fan of  Disney,  you are probably aware  that Disney's engineers are constantly developing and designing new and innovative tools to make the visit of every guest more convenient, exciting and enjoyable. There is always something being planned, built and/or created at their many parks and resorts. They constantly ride on the crest of the innovation wave. Disney "imagineers" are forward-looking and futuristic in their designing and planning.  One of the newest tools, which is currently being tested for use at Walt Disney World Resort, is something called MyMagic+.

My husband and I are scheduled to visit Walt Disney World in the near future and, as upcoming Disney Resort hotel guests and Disney Vacation Club members, we were sent an invitation to test out something called the MagicBand. This band is worn by the Walt Disney World Resort guest and is programmed with all sorts of information typically required to enter your room and the parks. It also can also be programmed to hold "fast passes" to rides and attractions and even dinner reservations. The band can also used to purchase food and merchandise at select location throughout the resorts and parks.

We accepted Disney's invitation and set to work ordering our personalized bands. We were able to choose from a nice variety of colors. Glenn chose blue and I chose pink. Being children at heart and loving all things Disney, ordering our bands was an exciting and fun process for the two of us. We placed the order, online, for our bands and were surprised when, just two days later, UPS delivered a package to our door.

The bands came in a really great, hard cover, collector style box with Helen Parr, from the movie "The Incredibles," on the cover. If you have seen this great animated movie, you might recall that before marrying Bob Parr(aka Mr. Incredible), Helen Parr (aka Elastigirl) lived the life of a Super Hero and was able to "morph" and stretch her body into various shapes to perform heroic feats and rescue people in trouble. After marriage, the couple had to go into a protection program and were living a surburban life with their family, known as the Parrs. Helen had abandoned her super life for a more "normal" and less hazardous life with her family. Her husband, Mr. Incredible(Bob), also a super hero, was working at a mundane white-collar job, had gained weight and gotten out of shape.  He longed for the old crime-fighting, villain-crushing days and was being lured back into the Super World to foil a plot formulated by the villainous Syndrome . In the movie, Helen finds herself in the position of having to return to her former "super" life to rescue her family, which has become entangled in Syndrome's sinister plot. From 2004, the movie is filled with a great deal of humor and tons of action.  It is great entertainment for kids of all ages, even "kids," like us, who have grand-kids!

Upon opening the box, we found these colorful and fashionably trendy, adjustable bands tucked neatly into their handsome display pockets with our names printed below each :

Personalized Disney's New MagicBands

The bands are personalized inside with our first names. Each band contains everything to make our visit even more hassel-free and exciting than ever before. We will not need a key or card to enter our room at the Disney resort at which we will be staying. We will not have to fumble through backpacks, purses or pockets to retrieve a ticket to enter all of the parks. Our fast passes to Soarin, Toy Story Mania, Test Track, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (I love that Pooh Bear), Kilimanjaro Safaris, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, and Festival of the Lion King are programmed right into the band before we ever leave home.

Everything, all of it, is stored right in this stylish little piece of Disney fashion. Friends, how great is that?!

We are not the first to test it out. I have read some comments on a couple of websites relating to Disney topics and some guests have already had the opportunity to use the bands. We are so excited to be involved, along with some other guests, in the testing process of this great innovation and can hardly wait to get to Walt Disney World to start using our new bands. It is Disney history in the making!

What's that I see coming towards us? A huge wave. The wave of invention and innovation.  It is the wave of the future!

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