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The Inn at Christmas Place Celebrates Christmas All Year Round

If you enjoy Christmas and all the beautiful decorations and traditions that the season brings, you would probably love the place I am posting about today. Christmas is celebrated all year long at The Inn at Christmas Place. You will find this charming inn in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and, most fittingly, at 119 Christmas Tree Lane in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

As I have said before, we love the Smokies and we try to visit there as often as possible. We have stayed at many places over the years, but since it was completed in 2007, The Inn at Christmas Place is, hands-down, our favorite place to stay. It is the perfect place to celebrate any special occasion, such as a honeymoon or wedding anniversary. Many people take their children there as a very special treat.

Perhaps, you have heard of or visited The Incredible Christmas Place, which is a shop, really a collection of shops, located across the main highway(at 2470 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN). It offers an enormous selection of decorations and gifts for all seasons and occasions. They decorate some 50 trees, throughout the year, with every conceivable style and taste. We have enjoyed visiting this awesome place for many years. So, when we heard the folks who run the store(s) were planning to build an inn, we could hardly wait to see what it was going to be like. You can visit The Incredible Christmas Place store site at this link:

Our daughter and her husband had the opportunity to visit the inn before us and they told us about how wonderful a place it is. Upon our first arrival to this gorgeous establishment, with its Bavarian style architecture, we knew it was, indeed, a very special place.

The Inn at Christmas Place on Christmas Tree Lane in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
 At the doors of the lavishly decorated front entry we are greeted by a couple of smartly attired and gracious doormen.

Upon entering these two beautiful doors and stepping into the lobby on the main floor, a feast to the senses begins. The feast continues for the entire stay. The decorations range from the simplicity of a white pillar candle, enclosed within a hurricane lantern, and surrounded by a simple holly and magnolia arrangement---

to the colorful and sumptuous swags and wreaths that bedeck the gorgeous fireplace in the lobby. The beautifully stained wood and stonework everywhere add such ambiance and warmth to the entire place.

We are greeted at the front desk by some efficient and very cordial staff members. We are struck by the beauty of a very large nativity scene above the front desk. There is also a fabulous mural of a wonderful Christmas scene just behind the front desk. We detect the aroma of White Christmas blend coffee. This aroma mingles with that of another, spicy, hot apple cider. The smell serves to welcome the weary traveler "home" for Christmas, once again!

While we are in the lobby, we take a few moments to look at the "marquee" to see what was happening at the inn.

We were very pleased to be recognized, among others, as being guest celebrating wedding anniversaries. We are the fourth couple down on the screen.

Our Names are Listed Among Those Celebrating Anniversaries at The Inn

Here are some other pictures of the awesome decorations and furnishings all around in the lobby:

We now take a look at the lower lobby and ground floor area, which is where much of the entertainment and activities take place at the inn.

There is an elevator, but we often take these wonderful stairs. The swags on these stairs are so full and pretty!

Beautiful Stained Wood and Iron Staircase Leading Down to the Lower Lobby
Santa's mailbox is here and his elves are hard at work.

It is wonderful to see so many very large Santas everywhere this year in the decor.  There is a large one in the main lobby.  Here is another one near the elevator on this lower level.
The following picture is taken from the second story balcony looking down. This wonderful clock is called a Glockenspiel(German for Bell Ringing). It strikes on the hour, from  9AM to 9PM, and carols play and the bells ring. This clock is a full two stories tall and it puts on a real show when it chimes(rings and plays). Truly an awesome spectacle!
Glockenspiel (German for Bell Ringing) Clock Strikes on the Hour and Carols Play and Bells Ring
This big Santa is looking down from his perch in this big tree in the Lower Lobby! He has a handful of letters from all the good little boys and girls.
Lower Lobby Boasting More of that Beautiful Stonework. There is a Big Balcony Overlooking this Room

One of the highlights of any stay here is when The Singing Santa pays a visit. It is a very happy time, when everyone, older ones(like us) and little ones(many dressed in pajamas) gather to see him and to hear him sing. He then takes time to talk to the little ones to find out what they want for Christmas and everyone takes pictures. It is grand to know that Santa has such a delightful singing voice!

Even the lovely Mrs. Claus came by the inn!

Sweet Mrs. Claus Paid a Visit
The Jolly Fellow, himself, along with one of his real life elves!

Guests sit all over in this room, but also stand on the balcony above to see and hear Santa. He really is quite the entertainer and sings and plays his guitar beautifully.

Let's check out our room. 

Upon entering the room, we find some things. A bag from The Incredible Christmas Place and a box from Mrs. Claus' Candy Kitchen. 

Inside is a beautiful personalized Christmas ornament denoting our 45th Anniversary and three melt-in-the mouth pieces of fudge from the Mrs. Claus' Candy Kitchen. There is a piece of white chocolate, pumpkin spice, and milk chocolate. Delicious!!

Gifts to Us from The Inn at Christmas Place

The next thing we notice is that the color scheme and decor in the rooms has changed, somewhat. It was very pretty before, but is now richer in color. The scheme had more green in it before. The beds have mattresses called "Sleep in Heavenly Peace." They really are heavenly feeling. they can actually be purchased through the Inn at Christmas Place be shipped to your home.  

A close up of one of the pillows. Love that poinsettia theme!

Our own little tree and deer decor atop the entertainment bureau.

Some shots of the pretty bathroom, also decorated with Christmas decor.

Some of the beautiful Christmas and Winter themed artwork found throughout the inn.

A knock on the door from room service and guess what? Room service bringing some of Santa's cookies to snack on.

By the way, the price of the room also includes a fabulous hot breakfast, complete with an omelette station. This is the beautiful main dining area, where there is a hot buffet, serving an assortment of wonderful things.

Isn't this fellow adorable?

A close up of this elf shows you that he is something really special. I would love to have this in my house. My grandchildren would love it!

  This is the lovely Pamela, a South Georgia gal, like myself, and our omelette chef extraordinaire. She has had a lot of practice and it shows. She has a great personality, to boot!

She whips up this beautiful and delicious Spanish omelette for me and it is wonderful, as usual!

I hate to admit it, but the grits, biscuit and gravy in the picture are also mine. I should have taken the picture before I peppered it all down. I love black pepper and use it a lot instead of so much salt.

My husband has this assortment of things, including ham and sausage, in addition to an omelette. Can you tell that one thing we love about traveling is eating our way through it all!?

A few shots of the beautifully landscaped grounds and building. These are taken around the third week in October and things are decorated for fall. You will notice how beautifully the fall and Christmas elements seem to seamlessly blend.

Here are a few shots of the front entrance to the inn at night. It is beautiful!

The general manager of the inn, Ray Ogle, makes the following commitment to guests at the inn.
This commitment is evident in the service provided here. Following is a picture I took of a document in the Front Lobby showing TripAdvisors Travelers' Choice top 25 Hotels in the United States. The Inn at Christmas Place is number 6 on the list.
Staying at this inn is truly a unique experience. It is a place one wishes to return to again and again. It provides first class service and still allows you to feel at home.

If you would like to read more about The Inn at Christmas Place, you can go to this site

I hope you have enjoyed my little trip through the Inn at Christmas Place.

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