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A Merry Christmas Gingerbread Carousel at Disney's Beach Club Resort

Continuing with a series of posts about the wonderful Christmas decorations at some of the Walt Disney World resorts for 2013, I will now share some of the photos I took at Disney's Beach Club Resort. The Disney properties have their own special style(s) of lighting and they all suit each property perfectly. Since I am somewhat obsessed with the lighting in different places, I snapped photos of some  at the Beach Club. This is a picture of the pretty lamp posts along the walkway leading up to the resort.

Disney's Beach Club Resort
It is evident when we pass through the main entrance and into the beautiful and spacious lobby of the Beach Club that the baking and confectionery teams at Disney's  Beach and Yacht Clubs had, once again, gone totally over the top in demonstrating their talents. The intoxicating aroma of chocolate is wafting throughout the area. My husband, the chocoholic, thinks this is heavenly. Sitting proudly beneath one of the spectacular chandeliers in the lobby is a carousel, which is an absolute masterpiece of confectionery delights:

Confectionery Carousel in the Christmas Decor Located in the Lobby of Disney's Beach Club Resort
The name of this wonderful dark chocolate steed is Holiday. Sitting on his back is a candy "sand" castle and his saddle is decorated with a beach motif and is adorned with a string of old-fashioned candy Christmas lights.  Candy characters, Pluto and Goofy, are located on the floor in front of him. His coat is so shiny and you can even see the muscles in his flank and legs. He is magnificent!
A Horse Named Holiday on the Christmas Gingerbread Carousel at Disney's Beach Club Resort

This white chocolate beauty, with milk chocolate mane and tail, is called Pixie. Her pink saddle is embellished with wonderful gingerbread men, lollipops and cupcakes. There are some jewels adorning the saddle which appear to be made of rock candy. There is a fairy or, if you will, a pixie, after whom she is named, located on the platform, near this gorgeous creation.

A Horse Named Pixie on the Christmas Gingerbread Carousel in the Lobby of Disney's Beach Club Resort

Here we have a milk chocolate equine specimen named Jingle. He is decked out in a saddle of traditional green and red colors with peppermints, candy canes and red poinsettias. He also wears a white poinsettia on his forehead. His "shoes" are even made to look like peppermint. Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters are located on the floor or platform near his hooves.

A Horse Named Jingle on the Christmas Gingerbread Carousel at Disney's Beach Club Resort
Next we see this frilly filly and she is called Snofia. This horse is definitely one of my favorites from the carousel. She has snowflakes scattered about her body and saddle. Now, no one has actually told me this but I think she is supposed to be representative of one of the Disney Princesses. She is dressed all in blue, just like Disney's little Princess Sofia the First. She has a wonderfully curly mane which has what appears to have a blue ribbon in it, which is also reminiscent of little Princess Sofia. 's Sofia the First would have a pretty bow on the back of her dress and this sweet horse has a pretty blue "satin" candy bow tied near her tail. She is all ready to attend the ball. Isn't she just totally sweet and precious looking?
 Snofia on the Christmas Gingerbread Carousel at Disney's Beach Club Resort

Here is another shot of Snofia and you can see that her character is Donald Duck.

Carousel Horse Named Snofia

Appearing somewhat larger than the others, the final horse, which is prancing not on, but beside, the carousel and amid the poinsettias. This horse is obviously the leader of the group. His name is, most appropriately, Captain. As you can see he is a swashbuckling pirate.The proud horse has all the familiar pirate trappings, including a skull and cross-bones, a sword and a leather pouch. There is even a picture of Pirate Mickey Mouse on the side of his amazingly realistic looking leather saddle.

 Of course, Captain represents Captain Jack Sparrow, another proud pirate, from the ride/attraction "Pirates of the Caribbean" located in many of the Disney theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Disneyland California and Disneyland Paris. 

. The ride is the inspiration for the wildly popular Pirates of the Caribbean and its several sequels, starring Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. The ride was updated a few years ago, after the movies came out. It now includes animated figures of Captain Jack Sparrow(Johnny Depp) in several different areas throughout the ride. 

We seldom miss riding the Pirates of the Caribbean when visiting the park. We have been to see all the movies and own all of them on DVD.   I located a good video of the ride at Walt Disney World posted on Youtube. It is a good representation of the ride and has had almost 189,000 views to date.  I am including the link, if you would like to check the ride out and see the animated Jack Sparrow(Johnny Depp), just for fun at

Here is the pirate horse, Captain:

The Proud Horse, Captain, at Disney's Beach Club Resort

You may have noticed several Disney character figures(The Fab Five) having been mentioned in this post. These were pointed out because these figures were among the items to look for when viewing the carousel.

The following picture is one of a confectionery "poster" listing the ingredients, including "2013" pieces of gingerbread, which went in to constructing this wonderful Gingerbread Carousel. At the bottom of the list, it tells of the Characters to look for, as well as 14 hidden Mickeys. I did not get pictures of all the hidden Mickeys, unfortunately.

Poster at the Gingerbread Carousel
Here is another ocean themed candy sculpture:
Ocean Themed Candy Sculpture at Disney's Beach Resort

Still another candy and gingerbread creation of a lighthouse:

Candy and Gingerbread Lighthouse at Disney's Beach Resort

The walkway leading away from the resort and to the next stop on our "Christmas Resort Hop Tour":

Christmas at the Resort
I have had so much fun reliving the memories from our visit to Disney's Beach Club Resort and I hope you have enjoyed your visit too! 

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