Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sew an Animal Print Infinity Scarf

One of my grandchildren asked me to make something special for him to give to someone for Christmas. He is such a sweetheart and seldom asks for me to do anything, so how could I refuse? After all, it takes less than an hour to cut out and sew one of these animal print infinity scarves.

Animal Print Infinity Scarf

Materials and tools required:
  1. One-fourth Yard of 54-55 Inch Light-Weight Fleece Fabric
  2. Matching Thread
  3. Sewing Machine Unless You Plan to Sew by Hand
  4. Hand Sewing Needle to  Sew the Opening Closed After Turning the Scarf Right Side Out

Fold the fourth of a yard of fabric up the middle and with right sides touching. You will be sewing a seam on the wrong side of fabric, along the longest length of the fabric to form a tube 54-55 inches long. Just follow the tutorial I posted months ago. It can be found at this link:

Remember to start the seam a couple of inches from the beginning of the "tube" and stop sewing a couple of inches from the end. This way it is easier to sew the ends of the tube together once you turn it right side out.

People, this is as easy as pie, even for the beginner, and can be whipped up in almost no time for those last minute gifts.

Relax and have some fun making some of these!

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