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A Charmed Heart Pendant and Earrings for a Blogging Friend

The Grow Your Blog party at 2 Bags Full has been great and I am still having so much fun. I have visited so many new(at least to me), interesting and exciting blogs. I have had the privilege of meeting and becoming a follower of the posts of many new blogging friends through the party. There are still a lot that I have not yet had a chance to visit, but I intend to check out every one, as time permits.

When I wrote my introductory post, I advised that I would be giving away a gift to one of the readers of that post. At the time I composed the post, I was not yet sure what I would be giving away but was certain that I was going to make something different, especially for the occasion.

Through the years, I have experimented with jewelry making from time to time. I am not a professional jewelry maker, and I certainly do not claim to be one, but that fact never has deterred me from attempting to do anything. I do like the fact that when I create something it is uniquely different and, hopefully, interesting. For the winner's gift, I settled on making some jewelry.

Recycling, whenever possible, is something I endeavor to do when thinking about a project and I often incorporate old items with new things. Since Valentine's Day is upon us, I thought something with a heart theme would be fun.

In the end, I decided to make something I have named a Charmed Heart pendant and a pair of coordinating drop earrings These are the pieces I created, especially for the winner:

Charmed Heart Pendant

The pendant, itself, is an open antiqued brass heart. The heart is a substantial size, measuring 2 inches from top to bottom. Because of the pendant's size, I fashioned the chain from which it hangs to a length of approximately 28 inches, so that it sits fairly low, about mid-chest level. The charms dangle loosely from copper jump rings. To describe the charms from left to right in the above photo, there is a tiny glass charm and bead and a modern day and grown up version of the "ruby slipper." The high-heeled shoe is bright red with gold accents and has tiny ruby-looking stones scattered here and there. This charm gives the piece a wonderfully chic and feminine touch. Next, with silver and black accents, is a wonderful blown glass heart element as the middle charm. Hanging on the far right on yet another finding, a light blue moonstone cabochon, which happens to be a recycled link from a vintage bracelet! I inserted a tiny Swarovski crystal in the bottom portion of the link. The cabochon is positioned in a setting of silver-tone. With all its mixed metals and charms, the piece has a quite eclectic appeal.

For the earrings, I used two more links from the salvaged vintage blue moonstone cabochons. I also placed a Swarovski crystal in each of the drop earrings.

Making a gift for someone special always gives me a great deal of pleasure. I can hardly wait to make the announcement of the winner of the set and I sincerely hope the reader will enjoy my effort at jewelry composition!


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