Monday, April 7, 2014

Festival of Nations Parade 2014 at Dollywood

It is a rainy day here in South Carolina and I am thinking back and dreaming of a beautiful Spring day a couple of weeks ago. We were sitting in a perfect location at the exact spot where the Festival of Nations Parade at Dollywood was about to begin.

This day the parade featured not only the outrageously beautiful lady, herself, but representatives from the countries that are represented at the festival this year. The beautiful lady actually appeared near the end of the parade, but I thought it only fitting that I post a picture of her first. After all, she is the lady from whom the wonderful park gets its name.

 Being chauffeured by the "Mayor of Dollywood," here is the star herself, Ms. Dolly Parton!
Dolly Parton in The Festival of Nations Parade at Dollywood

I once heard her jokingly say to someone who was interviewing her on television something to the effect of "I pay a lot of money to look like this." That was years ago and I am almost certain that these were not her exact words, but it was something like that, as I recall. I suppose the reason I remembered this is because my thought at the time was that she had gotten her money's worth and I still think so today. Isn't she gorgeous?

First in the parade was the Piano Music Box ballerina and music box piano player from Italy. The piano moves along the street while the pianist plays music, which sounds like the notes are coming from a music box. As the piano moves and the music plays the wonderfully elegant live ballerina spins on top of the "music box!"
Ballerina and Piano Music Box Player from Italy
Here are some photos of the ballerina as she spins atop the Piano Music Box while the musician plays 
while they move rather slowly along the street. They made appearances throughout the day in the park. It was beautiful thing to behold!
Piano Music Box Ballerina from Italy in Dollywood's Festival of Nations Parade
Piano Music Box Ballerina in Dollywood's Festival of Nations Parade

Africa was represented by members of the troupe from the Mother Africa show.
Africa is Represented in Dollywood's Festival of Nations Parade

The two men in the following pictured, wearing green shirts represent Zambia. There are actually five of them in a vocal group which performed at the Back Porch Theater which is one of the open air theaters in the park. They make scheduled appearances throughout the park's hours.

Zambia(Dressed in Green Shirts)Represented in Dollywood's Festival of Nations

Just behind Zambia's vocal group  is this Polish accordion player. He roams the shops and restaurants of Dollywood during the festival as he plays traditional Polish folk music.
Polish Musician Plays Traditional Polish Folk Music

This group is from Ecuador, this talented group of musicians plays a combination of Native Incan instruments with contemporary backup. They perform at the Show Street Gazebo periodically throughout the day during the festival. As quoted from the brochure they celebrate in their music "the history and culture of the Andes Mountains."
Atahualpa Represents Ecuador at Dollywood's Festival of Nations
This is a photo of the group as they perform at the Show Street Gazebo.

Atahualpa Performing at Show Street Gazebo During Dollywood's festival of Nations 2014
Here the beautiful people in La Danza de Columbia represents Columbia.
Columbia Represents La Danza de Columbia Troupe

Performers from Germany included these stilt walkers, among others. The colorful traditional costuming displayed throughout the festival's performances are awe-inspiring.

Germany is Represented by Zebra Stelzentheater

Now, lovely people, I will leave you with a few more photos of someone that I believe to be one of the most generous and gracious, intelligent, talented and beloved personalities in the world of entertainment, Dolly Parton. 
 This photo is another from our first day of the Festival of Nations parade.
Dolly Parton and the "Mayor of Dollywood" in the Festival of Nations Parade 2014

This side view (of her cute hairdo). It is one that was taken on our second day at the park for the festival this Spring.
Dolly Parton in the Festival of Nations Parade at Dollywood in 2014

This one is not from this year. As I recall, this photo was taken during the National Southern Gospel and Harvest Celebration in 2011.

I hope you have enjoyed this recap of the Festival of Nations parade at Dollywood!

Be blessed!

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