Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Piece of Paradise at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

If you like a tropical landscape and atmosphere, you will think you have fallen into Paradise when you enter Disney's Coronado Springs Resort, which is included in the Moderate class of Disney's resorts. It is, in fact, anything but moderate in its appeal. The resort's theme is that of romantic Spanish-Colonial Mexico. Taking full advantage of the Florida sunshine, the entirety of its sprawling grounds is chock full of just about every type of palm tree imaginable. Exotic tropical plants and shrubbery abound. Colors of buildings, inside and outside, range from sand to coral and soft blues to turquoise. Pops of rust and brown are interspersed for accent. The ultimate effect is soothing and relaxing. A supremely pleasant experience!

In celebration of our wedding anniversary, we just returned from a second stay at this extraordinarily beautiful place. We visited the resort several years ago when our youngest daughter, her husband and two daughters, accompanied us. During this visit we were reminded of just how astoundingly gorgeous and special it is! 

Walking toward the front entrance to the lobby, we are struck by the color scheme of the portico:
View from the Parking Lot to the El Centro Building and Lobby at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

The wonderful architecture and colors of turquoise blue and coral are a welcoming sight as we approach the entry's portico.

Entry Portico Leading to the Lobby and Registration Area of Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

As we enter the doors leading into the lobby, El Centro, area of the resort, we look to our left and see this wonderful carved wooden horse statue.

Wonderful Carved Wooden Horse in El Centro (lobby) Area of Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
This picture, taken from a closer proximity of the statue gives one a better understanding of its beauty.

Carved Wooden Horse Statue in El Centro  at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
Front and center and directly in front of the door we enter is this gorgeous fountain!
Fountain in the El Centro (lobby area) of  Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
The sound of the water flowing in the fountain is relaxing and entrancing. Here is another view of this fabulous fountain.
The Fountain in El Centro at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
A painted mural on the wall:
Painted Mural with a Spanish-Colonial Theme
A tile wall mosaic with cherub statuary and plantings on another wall.

To our right is the breathtakingly beautiful registration area. Because the light fixtures and lamp posts at all the Disney World resorts and theme parks are so fascinating, I find myself continually taking pictures of them. I did not get pictures here the last time we stayed. The fixtures hanging from the ceiling in the registration area are awesome, so I placed myself directly at the middle of the entrance, so as to achieve the full affect and snapped. The gentleman who had welcomed us when we walked into the area, walked quickly back over to me and asked if I saw what I had done when the picture flashed. He told me to check the picture I had just taken and so I did and was very surprised to find I had just discovered a "hidden Mickey!" You will see the glowing silhouette squarely in the top middle and beyond the fixtures in the picture below!
Beautiful Light Fixtures Hanging in the El Centro Registration Area with Hidden Mickey Glowing Beyond the Fixtures

This picture was taken as we walked back up the hallway of El Centro off which the eateries are located. Some unique light fixtures can be seen hanging from the ceiling along the length of this hallway with that gorgeous fountain placed in the middle in the foreground.
Light Fixtures in Hallway in El Centro with Eateries Situated on the Right of Photo
We had checked in to our room online weeks ago and so it took only a couple of minutes and we were on our way to our beautiful room. Our room was decorated in the same beautiful tones as other areas of the resort. The wall color of the room was a more muted and very light and soothing shade of blue/green and a bed "runner" sported the turquoise and brown found outdoors and in other areas.
Our Lovely Room at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
The bed runners also featured tiny Mickey heads in the design. It is always fun to hunt for Mickeys located here and there around the resorts and theme parks. The signature "Mickey" towel creation was positioned on one of the beds.
Signature "Mickey" Towel Decor on Bed

A picture of the vanity area and water closet area of the bathroom.show touches of brown, rust and golds, which lend a bit of richness to mix.
Bathroom and Vanity Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Bathroom and Vanity Disney's Coronado Springs Resort.
During our stay at Coronado Springs Resort we took several strolls around the vast and beautiful grounds of the resort. Hopefully, these photos will illustrate in some way the astounding architecture and gorgeous landscaping that abound throughout.
Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort Lost City of Cibola Pool with Maya Pyramid Waterfall

Night View of Lost City of Cibola Pool with Maya Pyramid Waterfall 

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Three Caballeros at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
Three Caballeros and Me at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
Light Fixture at Entrance Portico of Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Crossing Bridge at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
What better to plant in this tropical paradise than a Bird of Paradise?

Bird of Paradise Flower at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
A close up picture of the beautiful Bird of Paradise Flower allows us to realize why the plant is called Bird of Paradise. It really looks like the head of a colorful plumed tropical bird.
Bird of Paradise Flower at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
Another outdoor fan/light fixture which has become a home for a bird of some kind. Note the bird's nest at the top of the fixture.
Fan Light Fixture at Disney's Coronado Springs Resor
 Another tropical flower, Yellow Hibiscus.
Yellow Hibiscus at the Resort
A good breakfast was available at the Pepper Market.
Spanish Omelette at Pepper Market
For a quicker selection pastries can be purchased as well at Pepper Market.
Pastry Case at Pepper Market

If you choose, you can select from a buffet which also includes pancakes and waffles.
Breakfast at Pepper Market

Breakfast at Pepper Market
Breakfast at Pepper Market
A refreshing late night refreshment after a busy day in the parks. Lemon Sorbet and Strawberry Sorbet from Cafe Rix.
Cafe Rix at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
Sorbet Case at Disney's Coronado Springs Cafe Rix

Strawberry and Lemon Sorbets from Cafe Rix
Each of Disney's resorts is special and unique in its own way. Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this little visit to Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. It truly is a little piece of paradise!


Pam @Threading My Way said...

Looks like a wonderful place, Lynn. Lovely to see a photo of you! We have several Bird of Paradise plants. They really are spectacular and give a tropical feel to the garden.

lynn cockrell said...

Pam, thanks so much for dropping by! Coronado Springs really is a beautiful place. I have not seen a Bird of Paradise plant growing where we live in Aiken, SC and I think our winters are a little too cold for it to survive. You are so blessed to be able to grow those tropical beauties where you live! Over the years, we have met people from all over the world while visiting Disney World. On this trip, we met a lovely couple from Australia on one of our rides on a Disney bus to the parks. They had come over for a wedding and had decided they would spend a few days visiting Disney World while they were in the U.S. I mentioned you to her and how I had come to know you through our blogs and how sweet you are. I think congeniality and personality must be a trademark of Australians if you and that nice couple are any example!

Wendy Green said...

Such a magical place Lynn! And the mickey rolls, how cute is that. Wishing you a wonderful day! Hugs, Wendy (of AppleApricot)

Linda said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Your photos are beautiful, and I never get tired of fountains! Thank you so much for sharing.

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Lynn, you had way to much pampering here, it looks like you had a beautiful holiday vacation. This place is amazing and I bet you wanted to just move in?

I hope you are feeling your best, I know by seeing your photo you look fabulous !!

Thank you for sharing, and I want to thank you for taking the time to visit me and my French Fall.

I so need a vacation just like yours, I need a break from it all and a place I can break loose and have some real fun.

See you soon.


lynn cockrell said...

Thanks for stopping by to check out my post about Disney's Coronado Springs, Wendy! It is a beautiful place and a destination in and of itself. I hope you will have a beautiful weekend!

lynn cockrell said...

Dear Dore, thank you for taking a moment to leave your comments on my blog! We did have a very good time. As for me, I am trucking right along, trying to make the best of things. I hope you are well. You deserve some pampering yourself so don't forget to seize the moment when you are able to do so. Thanks for your sweet comments. I appreciate you so very much!

Bastoni di fashion said...

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Patty Antle said...

Hi Lynn,
Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful place to stay for your special time. I enjoyed seeing the Coronado Springs Resort. I had never seen beds made up like that with the fabric going top to bottom, and the Mickey in towels - how clever! That's a beautiful picture of you! So glad you had a good time and shared it with us!