Sunday, July 12, 2015

It's Blueberry Picking Time!

We currently have a couple of blueberry bushes in our yard. It took those bushes a decade or so, being moved around a couple of times and the addition of a little fertilizer but, finally, several years ago they began blessing us with a bountiful supply of berries. Enough so that family and friends can enjoy picking, eating and cooking with them.

Like most children, our grandchildren enjoy the experience of picking berries and they usually come over at least once during the season to do a little berry picking. Last week, they arrived to have some fun picking berries together.

We have had some temperatures in the high nineties for the better part of the past several weeks but in spite of the high temps and southern humidity, our grandchildren managed to get out there and pick some berries. Did they ever! They all came on the same afternoon and I was able to snap a few pictures of them in action. It was about as hot as a fire-cracker on this day, but they seemed to be having fun any way. 
Picking Blueberries Summer 2015
After several years of picking, they have become pretty expert at knowing just which ones are ripe and ready to pick!
Blueberry Picking Time

The boys enjoy picking too! The older of our two grandsons, Glenn, got in on the action.
Grandson Number One Enjoys Picking Berries
Granddaughter Number One and Grandson Number One Picking Together

And Stephen did some picking too.
Stephen Likes Picking Berries Too

Blueberry picking can sometimes be serious business.


A few more shots of the blueberry picking process.
Blueberry Time!
Our Daughter

Berries, Berries, Berries!
Sisters Picking Blueberries
Little Sissy to the Boys!
The fruits of labor and fun!
Sweet and Delicious Blueberries
It really does not get any better than a day spent with our grandchildren, all together, having fun at Mimi's and Da's house.

We had purchased some fresh peaches the day before picking day so, after the kids finished picking blueberries, we went inside the house to cool off and whip up a churn full homemade fresh peach ice cream.! Was it good? Was it divine? Yes, yes it was!

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