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A Beautiful Day at the Biltmore

Yesterday was a gorgeous springlike Day. The day was made even more beautiful because it was spent with family and friends in Asheville, North Carolina visiting the beautiful Biltmore House and Gardens.

There were nine of us on this trip. My husband and I, our daughter Stephanie and her husband Jason and all three of our granddaughters. We were totally thrilled that our beautiful friends, Larry and Harriette could also join us for the day trip to this awesome place. It was our first visit this time of year and it was great because early spring flowers were abundant on the grounds and the wonderful Fashionable Romance: Wedding Gowns in Film exhibition is in progress.

This is a very short post because I wanted to share a photograph of our group taken by the Biltmore photographers. I will post more about our visit later!
A Day at the Biltmore House & Gardens with Family and Friends
My husband and I are pictured on the left. Our eldest granddaughter Sophie is standing next to me in the turquoise shirt. Our daughter Stephanie is next to her in dark blue with her husband Jason in red on the far right in back row. In the middle back row, in red shirt, is our good friend Larry and to his left, in the back row, is my dearest friend Harriette. The two little lasses down front are our granddaughter Jewelynn, in pinkt, and her cousin , our youngest granddaughter, the little redhead in blue, Rachel.

Good times spent with family and friends is precious to us. This was definitely one of those times. God is very good and we are so blessed!

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