Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Baby Blues Have Left the Nest

My husband checked the nesting box of our baby Blue Birds this afternoon. I posted here about our five sweet little Blue Birds here and I expressed my concern that they might be attacked by predators before they were ready to fly.

I noticed when I discovered them in their nest this past weekend that they looked to be about ready, judging from the looks of their feathers and when my husband looked in the nesting box this afternoon they were not there.

As can be seen in the picture below, the nest does not appear to have been disturbed or torn up in any way. Better still, the pine needles the Blue Bird parents placed at the entrance to the entrance hole was still in place and undisturbed.
Baby Blue Bird Intact and Empty Nest
We are very relieved to see that the Baby Blues must have flown from the nest. There were no feathers on the ground near the nest. That was a good sign too, we thought.

There were, however, a few feathers out near the woods where my husband's main bird feeder is placed. Here are some pictures of the tiny feathers, which look suspiciciously like those of a baby Blue Bird.
Baby Blue Bird Feathers
 Do you notice the blue tint on the tiny feathers?
Baby Blue Bird Feathers
Still, we are heartened to find the intact nest and only a few of the tiny feathers. We feel therre is a very good chance that at least some of our little bird family has survived. Maybe they will grow up and come back again to nest with us!

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