Sunday, June 26, 2016

Coiled Sweet Grass Baskets and Dining with a View at Dockside

This is my final post about our family's recent day excursion to Hunting Island State Park and other interesting and inviting places around the Beaufort, South Carolina low country area. This will be a short post.

We had a full day of exploring. We were constantly on the move, from early morning as we began our journey from our home in Aiken, S.C., until our safe arrival back at home late that evening. We are very grateful to Jason, our son-in-law, for being our driver for the entire day. Daughter Angela followed in her van with her children and friend of the family.

After we visited the ruins of Prince William's Parish Church, we made a stop at a table set up in front of the home of a very talented artisan basket maker. The low country is noted for the beautiful coiled sweet grass baskets produced there. These baskets are truly pieces of art and the grass used to create them has a sweet aroma.

The art of Coiled Sweet grass basket making is considered historically significant because it is an example of African cultural heritage. This utilitarian and beautiful art form came over the Atlantic Ocean with certain enslaved Africans who would work on the rice plantations.The art form has been passed down from generation to generation. Being made by hand and having no set pattern each piece is unique and is one of a kind.

I would have loved to have one of the large baskets, but that would have been a big splurge. I am happy, for now, to have settled for this small beauty in which I can store a few trinkets.
Coiled Sweet grass Basket  from the Low Country of South Carolina

This is a short and interesting article about the history of Coiled Sweet grass basketry.

We were all hungry when we departed from Hunting Island State Park. We had planned to stop at a very popular place on the say back home.

Dockside Restaurant located in the beautiful low county area known as Lady's Island near Beaufort is well known for serving up some really good food. Our table was located right next to the windows along the rear of the restaurant. From there, we had a wonderful view of the boats docked in back of the restaurant.
View of the Docks from Dockside Restaurant, Lady's Island, South Carolina

View of the Docks from Dockside Restaurant, Lady's Island, South Carolina
Here is a link to find out more about the Dockside and to see more pictures of the restaurant and views of the dock.

If you should ever travel to the low country area, in and near Beaufort, South Carolina, I suggest setting aside a day or so to visit places in this and several previous posts. The locations in and near Beaufort, South Carolina are some you will not want to miss. We certainly enjoyed spending our day together with family and friends.

It was a gorgeous day of soaking up a little sunshine, exploring some historical sites and eating good food. Hunting Island State Park beach, the lighthouse at Hunting Island, the Ruins of Prince William's Parish Church AKA Sheldon Church near Yemassee, South Carolina are all beautiful and interesting places.  It is my hope that these things will be preserved and enjoyed by many, many generations to come!

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