Saturday, July 30, 2016

Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort's Kidani Village Animals on Savannah

I have mentioned on my blog before on more than a few occasions that we adore planning trips that involve our family and extended family. This past month, we were able to get together and take one of those cherished trips to Walt Disney World. There were fourteen of us this time and we were all able to stay at Disney's Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Kidani Village is one of Disney Vacation Club's member resorts and is one of our favorite resorts in which to stay.

Many of you have heard of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom Resort and Kidani Village is just a very short distance away from the park. The resort is the same theme as the Animal Kingdom Park and has a very authentic African vibe. Most of the cast members (otherwise known as staff) are of very authentic African origins. Most speak at least some English and they are all very friendly and helpful and lend so much authenticity to any stay there. This makes way for an "out of Africa" ambiance to the visitor.

One of the things we enjoy most about a stay at Kidani Village is being able to walk out on a balcony(if your accommodations happen to be on the Savannah side) or a fabulous porch, complete with great big rocking chairs. From there we can get a bird's eye view of all the beautiful native to Africa animals and wildlife roaming about on the Savannah area of the resort.

There is also an area on the ground floor of the resort with a viewing area surrounded by rustic fences posts. There are various events that take place around a fire pit, with surrounding chairs, in this area and there is always a cast member or two there to greet visitors and answer any questions they might have about the resort, the animals or their African homeland.

This area is my favorite spot from which to view the animals. It is from this spot that I recorded the following video, which lasts about five minutes. You will notice there are giraffes, cattle, storks and so on in the background. The video is really quite relaxing to watch.

You can click to go over and watch full screen on YouTube. A visit to Disney's Kidani Village is a beautiful and truly unique experience.

Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog to check out the post. I hope you enjoyed the video and that you will come back soon for a visit.
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