Thursday, November 2, 2017

Every Day Blessings

Don't you just love this owl graphic illustration I recently purchased from The Hungry Jpeg at I think this illustration is truly gorgeous! The bundle I received this and many, many more graphic illustrations and dozens of new fonts to add to my collection. Would you believe that nearly every single item included in this bundle and almost everything purchased from The Hungry Jpeg comes with a commercial license. Whatever you get is yours to use and at reasonable pricing. For those who use such items in your "for sale" creations, this can be a really big deal!
Image From The Stellar Autumn Bundle at The Hungry Jpeg
Some of you might already have discovered this but, for my fellow creative crafting friends who have yet to discover them, here is a link to their Facebook page. They post on Facebook when deals like The Stellar Autumn bundle(available for three days more) and other great bundles as they are offered. You might want to check them out.

This site also offers countless frames, headers and many other things that might be uses in your crafting projects. The image below was one of hundreds included in the Stellar Fall Collection. This and numerous others are included in this bundle. It contains much more than just Fall/Autumn selections! It blew my mind when I downloaded the fabulous items in this digital download package! Going through them has kept me busy for hours. Many hours of pleasure!
Image From The Hungry Jpeg Stellar Autumn Bundle
I hope you are enjoying all the great weather and beautiful Fall colors, festivals and activities that happen this time of year. I truly do miss getting out and about to enjoy this, one of my favorite times of the year. One thing that has helped me to get through some lonely, long days recently is I have been so busy checking all these items out. Hours, people, hours to see everything. Read on if you are not aware of why I welcome some fun diversions right now.

Indeed, I certainly would love to be out enjoying everything more often than I am. Still, I can rejoice because there are so very many special reasons to celebrate every day as I heal from the surgery for a broken foot. The blessings are more numerous than I could ever count.

For instance, I am happy to say that today, Thursday, marks exactly 2 weeks in the current sky blue leg and foot cast I now adorn. That might not seem like a blessing but that is a real blessing to me! In fifteen more days, just a little over two weeks, I am scheduled to go back to the doctor. A total of 31 days wearing this blue beauty)! Yes, I admit that I am counting each day. The days sometimes tend to run together and I seem to lose track of what day of the week it is. I freely admit, some days seem to drag by ever so slowly. Yes people, the struggle is real, for sure!

Yes, I am grateful that in just a couple of more weeks to go and there will be a really big milestone and accomplishment for me! I am not sure what the new leg gear will be like but it will be my friend for quite some time. I am supposed to wear the next one for yet another month. Hopefully, after that month I will be able to walk again on both feet! Slowly but surely, I am moving forward with the progress.

The gift of every day is a blessing and an accomplishment and the weeks and months are all milestones for me along the way.

I am thankful for each day and each blessing that comes with it!

If you read my blog post today, I thank you for spending some time here with me. Please come back when you can. I appreciate each and every visit from you!

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